Wednesday, December 2, 2009

It's Wednesday

Which means it's time for
(A Where in the World Wednesday post)
In case you're new to the game its being hosted by Classy in Philadelphia. The point is to post a picture of yourself somewhere that you consider to be somewhere to traveling.
2007-08-29 - Destin 026
Today's picture was taken on the beach in Destin, Florida. This was one my first ever vacation with the boy's family. Its funny growing up in Southern California I never thought of taking a beach vacation since I was practically living at the beach. But now that I'm living in Louisiana, which doesn't quite have a beach unless you feel like swimming in the Mississippi River, a beach vacation sounds perfect to me.

Of course it sounds really ideal to me right now since winter has set in. Nothing sounds better to me right now than being able to lay out on a warm beach with a magazine. Actually, adding a fruity cocktail might complete the picture!



  1. Woah, you're so perfectly tanned! I'm envious :D I've pretty much stopped trying to get any color... :(

    And that sand is soooo white :|

  2. That looks like you are having a FAB time in that picture! I'll go with you! LOL! It snowed this morning here in TX (it must have been a freak accident b/c I think all the weathermen passed out with shock!) When I left for AR it was in the 70's! But atleast it's Christmas weather :)

  3. I love going down there! Isn't it great!?! Glad you had a good vacation there.

  4. Awesome picture! I love the beach and you do look fab in this picture!

  5. Gorgeous photo! I love Florida and I seriously wish I was there right now!!

    Thanks for always participating :)