Saturday, December 12, 2009

All American Girl

Growing up I love reading the American Girl books, as did most of my friends. Which meant of course, I felt the need to have one myself. I was trying to decide between Kirsten or Samantha, when they released a new American Girl doll, Felcity. So since its currently Hanukkah its only fitting that I received my Felicity doll for Hanukkah in 2nd grade (1991 if you're curious).
Meet Felicity
Yes, I do realize her hair looks a little crazy, but really all she needs is a good session in the American Girl Doll Hair Salon and she would be good as new.

I spent the next few years collecting as much of Felcity's collection as a could, but one doll is never enough. So in middle school my parents bought me a Doll of Today.
Hannukah Outfit
Of course I needed to have the Hanukkah accessories for her! I decided to name her Allison, but I can't quite tell you the reasoning behind that name choice now. I went with blond hair, because I hadn't quite accepted the fact I was no longer blond. I was blond when I was little, but as I grew up my hair slowly started darkening. Now looking at me its almost unbelievable how blond my hair was when I was little.

Of course, if money was no object, I would love to have ALL the American Girl dolls and collect all of their belonging. Which is why, when I heard they were retiring Samantha last year I had to buy her as a Hanukkah present to myself.
Its a little amusing to compare how nice her hair looks compare to my 18-year-old Felicity.

Of course, I just found out that American Girl (who is actually owned by Mattel now) is now retiring Kirsten! But I think I might have missed my chance to buy her for myself as well. I have heard rumors that they might wind up retiring all of the original three (Samantha, Kirsten, and Molly), but bring them back with 25th Anniversary editions in a few years. I'm really hoping that's what winds up happening so I can make sure to have a complete collection.

Anyone else grow up loving American Girl dolls? Did you have any dolls? Or which ones did you also want to have? And of course, I'd love to see anyone else's pictures if you can find any!



  1. YES! I had Samantha and my best friend had Kristen. She mangaged to keep Kristen's braided looped pigtails perfectly intact, while my Samantha's hair resembled your Felicity's hair within days of getting her...

  2. Awww that's so cool you still have them!

    I only played with Barbies grown up. I had SOOO many Barbies and about a million different outfits for them all! Barbies look SO different now. Haha!

  3. I didn't have a doll but I read all the books growing up and loved them! My favorite was Samantha!!
    Have you been to an American Doll store? The one is Chicago is SOOO cool, I love going to see it everytime I'm there!

  4. It is funny how the hair has changed so much since the early dolls! Wow!

    I somehow missed out on the American Girls books/dolls. I blame it on living in isolation in North Dakota. We got an American Girls store at our mall a couple of years ago and I walked through it - holy moley it was pandemonium! But the dolls are pretty cool!

  5. Molly! I remember the Christmas I got Molly, I posted about this not too long ago :) My Molly definitely needs to go to the hair salon too....

    I love that you bought Samantha as a Hanukkah gift to yourself! My 30th birthday is next month...maybe I should buy myself Kirsten?

    I'm really hoping that they don't retire Molly, but it seems likely that they will, since they did the other two originals, which I think is so terrible! I should probably buy as many of her accessories as I can now, before they are gone.

    I do like the idea of 25th anniversary editions...but still, they should keep them!

  6. I didn't really love them that much, but my little sister did. Oh man, she collected them every Christmas. Oh, and she looks exactly like Kit!

  7. @Amber I've actually been to The American Girl Place in both NYC and LA and I loved them both. It makes me wish they were around when I was younger, because I would have loved them SO much more back then.

  8. I loved my American Girl dolls! I think I still have them down in my basement. I use to drag them everywhere with me! I'm glad to see you still have yours as well!

  9. Oh my goodness! I LOVED the American girl dolls, books, etc.
    My oldest sister, Rachel, got Felicity, Samantha, AND Kirsten. Heather had no interest in AG(she hated reading too, poor girl ha). By the time it got to me, I just got the dolls hand-me-down style. ;)
    Samantha and Felicity were always my favorites. I like their time periods best. =)

  10. Oh my!! I had Samantha as a child and I loved her stories! I read all of the books and always wanted another but got too old to ask for them for presents...

    I wish I still had her but I put my dolls through the wringer and very few of them survived in good enough shape to keep them. I may still have in the bottom of one of my toy bins but it's been too long to know for sure.

    I can't wait for J's niece to get old enough and for J and I to start making money so we can gift her with one of the American girls and accessories!

  11. I had Samantha! (Actually, I guess I technically still do, since it's at my parents' house.)

  12. I didn't have an American Girl Doll... sad! I love them now and can't wait to buy my daughter one someday. I think they're GREAT.

    I did have a favorite doll, my parents probably got her at Wal-mart. I loved her and named her "girly."

  13. O man I used to absolutely LOVE these dolls! I had Samantha, Addie, and Kristen and I still have them somewhere in my basement haha. I can't believe that they might retire the original 3...I feel kinda old hahaha