Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Jon & Kate Plus 8: The End

Last March I wrote this point on the end of season 4 on J&K+8. At the time no one was sure whether there would be a 5th season of the show. We know now that the show continued for one more season, but the marriage didn't. And last night was the series finale.

Part of me wishes I could say I was the first Jon & Kate fan or the biggest fan, but I know that's not true. I do know that I was watching their 1 hour specials on Discovery Health before there was an actual tv show back in my first year of grad school in 2006. And I remember being excited when I found out there would be an actual weekly TV show on the Gosselins. I remember when Discovery Health, randomly stopped aired the episodes in the middle of the 2nd season. Only so they could start showing the episodes on TLC instead. There's definitely a few early episodes that I've watched so many times, not only do I have them memorized but the boy does as well.

Part of me feels a little bit like the way you feel as a fan of an indie band that gets big. You are excited that they will finally get to make it big. But in a way it was almost better when you seemed to be their only fan, and no one else had ever heard of the band. Part of me thinks that if they only kept showing the episodes on Discovery Health, they probably wound how wound up with a fate similar to the Dilleys, Americas first set of sextuplets. Haven't heard of the Dilleys? Don't worry, you're probably not alone. But the Gosselins are not the Dilleys, and they wound up becoming world famous only to suffer the consequences.

Overall, it was a little sad watching last night's episodes. I do think Jon came off looking like the bad guy last night. Especially when he punished Cara and Mady and didn't let them sell lemonade to raise money for the firefighters, only because Mady said, "I like it better when mom's here." Although I have a pretty good feeling there was more to the story and a lot of it was editing on TLC's part, probably based on the fact they're currently involved in several lawsuits with Jon.

I do think its possible, the Gosselins might be back. Its quite plausible that after all the lawsuits are tied up they could be back with "Kate Plus 8," but I don't think that will be anytime soon. And if that happened, I can tell you I'd be watching.

I might be the only one whose still a fan of the show, but if you are one as well, please let me know I'm not the only one. Or if you're not a fan, what's your reasoning behind that? I do think that we could all probably agree, that no matter your feeling towards the show, the situation as a whole is awfully sad.



  1. I don't watch must reality TV, so when I do I limit myself to Biggest Loser and Real Housewives.

  2. I don't really watch it and nor am I a big fan BUT I wanted to tell you that one of my good friends LOVES the show and actually said, "It's probably for the best but I'm really going to miss the kiddies." Haha.

    Eric is a fan also!

  3. I actually started to watch the show just before everything started to unravel - and you're right, I think the editing is careful and the situation is sad. I don't know if this is true (essentially, this is my opinion), but I do think that the fame got a little out of control and they couldn't come up with a way to reel it in. And I feel badly for them - they were thrust into territory they weren't ready for - and probably did not have people around them that were ready for it.

    Anyway, I watched and was just sad that it had to end the way that it did. But I'm hoping the he said / she said will stop and they will all be able to walk forward. And hopefully update the rest of us every now and then!!

  4. I loved this show and it breaks my heart that it's falling apart. Those kids are so stinking cute! I have no idea how he can walk away from all of that. I can't comprehend having eight kids with someone and then them being like "Dude you are SO controlling and you never changed" "I need my freedom" I'm pretty sure if that happened to me, the kids would have to visit me in jail because I'd probably go apeshit.

    I hated how he kept going "I missed my freedom at 23" I'm looking around going, I'm 23... Where's my freedom and crazy partying??? Ohhhh that's right I got that out of my system in COLLEGE.

    He's a douche.
    Plus the Ed Hardy makes him douchey-er

    I hope there is a Kate Plus 8... I hope she protects her money and demands more from him on the basis that he seperated and then flaunted a 20 something year old as a girlfriend immediately after.

    I would make his life miserable.

  5. I've been watching Jon and Kate forever and I think this whole thing is so sad. Kate was really mean to him at times over the years (the episode in Toys R Us still makes me cringe!) but she didn't deserve everything he put her through.

    Those kids are so cute and sweet and they don't deserve that either. I am glad the show is over though for them. The whole family has just gotten out of control and they need to escape and go back to a somewhat normal life so they can deal with that.

  6. Before this season, I had watched a few episodes here and there. Everytime I watched I thought Kate was unbearable. When they first announced the split I was totally on Jon's side. Then things started coming out and now I'm just feeling bad for their kids. If the show came back I don't know if I'd watch it or not...