Monday, November 16, 2009

Cheeseburgers in Paradise

Over the weekend before we went shopping at the grocery store I took out my favorite cookbook, The Little Black Apron. Since almost all of the recipes in there sound appealing to me, I told him to go through and pick out something and I'd make it for dinner. Well, being the male that he is, he decided on their recipe "Classic American Burger." Every time we've had hamburgers in the past he's made them, but I made a promise, so that meant I was making burgers for dinner.

Overall the recipe was pretty easy to follow and the burger's turned out pretty tasty. Although, one of my favorite things about the cookbook lead to a little confusion. See the cookbook is geared to the single girl living on her own, which means most of the recipes are for a single serving. Which I think is great since so often when you're cooking for just yourself it hard to make the recipe suit just one. Except in this case the boy decided we needed to buy over 2 lbs of meat, that way he could eat leftover for the next few days. Which mean I needed to eight-tuple most of the ingredients. Not that hard in theory, and overall it wasn't a problem, but in general the burgers did taste a little salty.

The boy had wanted a cheeseburger from himself, but I was planning on just having a hamburger. I don't really like cheeseburger since people normally make then using cheeses I don't like, things like American or Provolone cheese. But the boy had bought Gouda cheese for the burgers, and Gouda is a cheese I really do like, so I figured I'd give it a try.
And really wound up liking it! I won't go so far as to say I love cheeseburgers now. And I'm not planning on ordering a cheeseburger the next time I'm at a restaurant. But at least I do know, if made with the right type of cheese, I can enjoy a cheeseburger.

And for dessert? Well I needed something to go with my Classic American Burger, and what's more American than apple pie?
Apple Pie LaraBar
So, I had an apple pie larabar. I don't buy these very often, which means every time I have one I forget how amazing they taste. There are a little hard for me to find, and when I do find them they tend to always have the same flavors. But I am definitely thankful I can find they few that I do.

Overall, I would say it turned out to be quite the successful meal! Good thing because there's still a good amount of food leftover! Do you normally make a point to cook just enough to eat that night? Or would you rather cook a lot more to make sure you have food left over for the next night?



  1. That burger looks SO good! I might have to check that book out!

  2. And now i want a cheeseburger :P When I cook I almost always make more, simply because I don't have time to cook everynight and I love having leftovers :)

    I eat a larabar at LEAST once a week, it's just such a perfect snack :) But I only buy them when they're on sale ;)

  3. Now I also want a cheese burger.

    I should add that book to my Christmas list. I am always cooking for one. I usually like to have leftovers, but sometimes I get sick of them by the end of the week so it'd be nice to have a smaller meal once in awhile!

  4. ooh, you are making me want a burger now for dinner. the boy left for a guys trip and me and Hazel are all alone so I'm trying to figure out what to make that isn't eggs, pasta or a sandwich. haha. seems that's all I eat sometimes! but a burger sounds pretty tasty about now :)

  5. I agree with Lisa, I might have to add that book to my list! It's SO HARD to cook for one, I'm always having leftovers. I used to be a very picky eater, and I refused to eat warmed up food. It was just a weird thing of mine. I'm just now getting over it, more out of a desire not to waste food I'm blessed to have than a rediscovered love for day-after pasta :)

  6. The burger looks amazing. For some reason I thought you were a vegetarian, haha -guess not!

  7. Dang~ that burger looks delicious!