Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Reading about the Rogues

Sliding Home by Kate Angell
I read Kate Angell's Strike Zone previously, and this book is the next book in her series on the Richmond Rogues. The Richmond Rogues are a fictional Major League Baseball team in Richmond, Virgina, and each book follows one of the players and tells about their romantic escapades. The is actually the fourth book of the series, but only the second that I've read.

The book tells the story of the mysterious left fielder Kason Rhodes. Kason comes home from spring training to his trailer (which he's living in on his land before he builds a house), and discovers a girl has been living in his home. Keeping true to what you'd expect from a romance book there's a good amount of tension and misunderstands before they fall into bed together and fall in love.

Something I liked about the book was knowing who all the players were from reading Strike Zone, but getting to see them from someone else point of view. Brek Stryker, the pitcher featured in Strike Zone was still there, but they didn't give any hints as to how things were going with his relationship with Taylor Hannah. It would have been nice to at least let the reader know they were still happily together.

I did find the book cute, easy to read, and enjoyable. But one of my co-workers lent me the book, which is good because I'm not sure paying to read it would have been worth it at least for me. But I do think its the perfect book to borrow whether it be from a friend or the library.


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  1. I am totally adding these to my must read list! They seem really interesting!