Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Jon & Kate Plus 8: To Be Continued???

I was already planning on writing my thought about last nights J&K+8, and after receiving several comments about it... well I figured I had to do this post.

Overall the actual episodes themselves weren't anything spectacular. Jon & Kate take all the kids to see the Harlem Globetrotters. Kate takes the 6 pack to a museum. But one thing that was interesting was a piece of information mentioned in both of the episodes.

Jon wasn't there for part of both episodes because he was spending time taking care of his mother. I think they said she had broken her leg and Jon's step father was out of town. Not that big of a deal in the scheme of things. But a big deal considering they NEVER talk about their parents. Yes, they have talked about Jon's father several times and even shown pictures of him. But he died when the sextuplets were about a year old. They have also shown Jon's grandmother and extended parent's. But this was the first time even mentioning being around their parents on the show. The only other times they have even been mentioned was on a FAQ episode talking about why they don't mention they.

I even read their book, and they barely mention them in that! The talk about Kate's parents baby-sitting Cara and Mady. But the last instance of Kate's parents is when they watched Mady and Cara when Kate had the sextuplets. After that, they just kind of disappeared from the book. I'm not sure why they brought up Jon's mom, but I am glad they did. Even if it was just mentioned in passing.

But the big news? Well, this was the end of season 4. And at the end of the episode, they sat down to talk about it. Kate was really excited and kept saying how she loves what she's doing and she loves her life and is so happy. Jon had a bit of difficultly expressing himself, but basically said, "I don't feel like Jon anymore. I feel that I am only part of Jon & Kate Plus 8." Jon kept stopping to try to sort things out, and every time time Kate would chime in. Something along the lines of, "SOME of us are having a hard time getting used to things. But I love the way everything is right now." So basically it made it sound like Kate was ready to start filming season 5 tomorrow, whereas Jon didn't ever want to film ever again. Based on the way we've seen their relationship worked. I'd say getting ready for season 5 coming soon!


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  1. I only watch that show from time to time. Kate kind of pisses me off because she can be such a b*tch.

    I had heard rumours they were going to get a divorce though! I guess that didn't happen.. Weird that they never mention their parents on the show! If I had eight kids I would be getting my moms help ALL the time! Lol

  2. Hmmm...Kinda sucks for John that he can't do what he feels like...I guess that's what happens when you have 8 kids and a bitchy wife lol!!! :)

  3. I started watching a little bit yesterday after reading your post and honestly, I agree with Amber! I didn't care for Kate one bit!

    If Jon really is having such a hard time I think she should put her marriage first. That is much more important than starring in a reality tv show and becoming famous!

  4. did you hear about all that drama that when john was with his mother he went to juanita college and was drunk and flirting with lots of college girls and making out???