Sunday, March 15, 2009

Weekend Recap

It was warm and pretty and sunny all week long. Which of course means it rained ALL weekend. Which left me trapped in the apartment and unable to lay out. I tried to make the best of it, and attempted productiveness. Let's see... I did the dishes. Put away the laundry that has been sitting folded on the couch since when i did it last Sunday. I cleaned up and organized in "the big closest" aka the second bedroom. I created my blogroll. I even scrapbooked a little!
Couscous for lunchChateau D'if
I will admit that I am not the best scrapbooker and don't really do it that often. Hence the reason I am still working on my scrapbook from my France trip in 2005. Almost 4 years ago! (And yes this it the third time I posted pictures of this France trip in the past 4 days. I'm not normally so obsessed.) I am hoping to have this scrapbook done soon. I'll put a goal of the end of the year? Maybe? I am making progress. Honestly, I only scrapped the Chateu D'If on today. The couscous one was made a few weeks ago. I just never posted it on here.

All I've pretty much ate all weekend is a box of Sugar Babies. I bought them for the movies on Friday. And whenever I've gotten hungry I've eaten a few. There's only 4 left. I guess eating them over the weekend is better then eating them ALL at the movies on Friday.

I did eat actual food this weekend too. Yesterday, the Boy was at a card tournament all day. So I made tortellini. He isn't really a big fan of stuffed pastas.
Porcini Mushrooms Tortellini
It was Archer Farm's porcini mushroom tortellini. I tried to eat only one plate. But wound up eating the whole 2.5 servings package last night. Yikes! And of course this weekend's movie review.

The Reader
I would say I enjoyed this movie, but it's not really a movie you can say you enjoyed. I looked up reviews of this movie and a lot of people don't like it because it "falsified history." That it made the Nazi seem like the good guys. But I don't think that's quite it.

I think more of what it is, is that it makes you think about what makes a person good and what makes a person bad. Hannah, Kate Winslet's character, is first shown to be a good person. (Or as much of a good person she can be having and affair with a teenager.) But then you find out she worked at a concentration camp and did evil things. It makes you want to think of her as an evil person. But yet, we fell in love with her, so how can she be evil?

On the other hand you have Michael, who is portrayed as a good guy. But yet, he fell in love with a murderer. The whole movie he struggles with doing the right thing. But if the right thing for him is helping a killer, then is it the right thing? How can he be a good person, if he does something good for someone who is a bad person?

There were things I didn't like. Her "big secret." Not so much of a secret. Watch the trailer and think about the title to the movie you could probably figure it out. Also the fact the she sacrifices so much in order to keep it a secret seems a little far fetched.

I do think Kate Winslet acted very well in it. And yes, I did cry at parts. Don't see it if you're expecting an uplifting movie. But if you want thought provoking this is it.

My shows are now starting (Amazing Race, Desperate Housewives, Brother & Sisters), so I will be signing off.


  1. I'm dying to see the Reader, I'll have to check it out!

    I've recently become obsessed with Brothers & Sisters. I'm watching the first season on DVD right now and LOVE it!! DH was good tonight too, that show always cracks me up!

  2. the movie sounds interesting! i lovee amazing race and desp housewives too!!

  3. I also really want to see the Reader! SO I kind of skipped the last few paragraphs :)

    Don't worry about scrapbooking - I'm the same way (still working on one from 2 years ago). I think unless you're home all the time, it's almost impossible to do!!

  4. kate winslet is amazing. the reader was a very powerful movie. i don't normally spend money going out to movies (i'd rather go to dinner...) but the reader was definitely worth it!