Friday, March 27, 2009


I apologize for the lack of my Frozen Thursday post last night. At around 6:50 last night my computer decided to die. After talking to the nice guy from India (where it was 4am and he is working a 2am to noon shift. And he also liked Slumdog Millionaire. I asked.) My computer is officially reformatted. Which of course is sad. Luckily, my computer isn't that old (October 2007, its still under warranty), so there wasn't a whole lot of information I lost. Most of the important stuff is online such as my pictures, my blogs, even my bookmarks were saved on my Google toolbar. The only thing I am kind of sad about is I started keeping an excel file to keep track of my finances. Mainly so I could see my student loans every month. I've only been doing it the past 3 months so its not that awful.

The only other thing of course are my Sims families. But since the Sims 3 does come out in June, I'm not planning on putting them back on. I figure I'll have more suspense for Sims 3 this week.

Thankfully, as far as computer problems go this one has been pretty nice.
So once again I apologize. Frozen Thursday will be back next week. I'll have an actual post later this weekend.


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  1. Oh no!!!! How awful :( I guess it's bound to happen once to everyone. I would say make sure you back up your stuff, but even though it has happened to me...I still don't do it. Oops :)