Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Working Lunch

I actually had a really productive lunch break today. Much more than when I normally just grab a smoothie at Smoothie King.

First I stopped at the bank to deposit a check. I have Chase in Louisiana (which of course is a long story, I promise to tell that sometime too). A Chase you had to fill out a whole deposit slip. And the outside of the envelope which had the same information in it. I've taken to leaving extras in the car so I can fill it out before I drive up and keep people waiting in line. So everything was filled out and I drove up to the drive through ATM. Turns out Chase has got rid of deposit slips! (At least this branch has.) You literally got to put the check and any cash you had directly into the machine. The best though was on your receipt they actually printed a copy of the check! I thought that was really nifty.

The I went to Quizno's for actual lunch. I actually ran into the mother and grandmother of a girl I used to watch at after school care there. I decided to eat a Chicken Cantina Sammie meal with Salsa Flavored Sun Chips. I love those sammies! Not so much a fan of the salsa flavored sun chips though. I really like the normal one those. I ate my food and read about two chapters of my books. Then left without even having a refill on my Dr. Pepper! (Go Me!)

Next stop was Walgreen's. I Bought two boxes of Kleenex. (When I say Kleenex I do mean Kleenex Brand Kleenex.) The only had the anti-viral kind, which I don't normally buy, but I needed more. I was out of Kleenex at both my desk at work and at home.

I also picked up some hair ties too. Normally I buy the rainbow colored ones. Just because they are fun and exciting. I figured it was time to grow up and actually bought all brown ones. Not sure I'm such a big fan that...

I went back to work, and actually wound up clocking back in 1 minute early! Not bad for a 59-Minute lunch!


And yes, I needed to get one last post about this season's Bachelor in. I was really proud of Melissa that she wasn't there last night. I would have liked to see her. But I think She made the right decision.

I think Jillian will be an amazing Bachelorette (which was pretty much a given to happen). I can totally see he making them all dress hot dogs. lol.

And I do have to say that Jason and Molly did look really happy together. Jason literally couldn't keep her hands off of her. And so I am glad they are happy. And really do hope they make it through!


  1. Dang, you are productive on your lunches!!! Even though I work downtown & have a skyway that connects me to everything, from Target to Walgreens to the Post Office, I feel like it takes forever to get stuff done on my lunch break!!

    RE: the bach - I hope Molly & Jason make it, but think it will be awfully hard w/ all the pressure they have on them. I hope Jillian has a positive experience!

  2. That IS an impressive lunch! What book are you reading?

    I'm excited for Jillian too, I think she'll be great!!!

  3. It's called Labyrinth by Kate Mosse. My mom read it and really liked it and lent it to me.