Monday, March 23, 2009

Movie Reviews

First, before I post my movie reviews I wanted to say that I absolutely hate having movies spoiled by reviews. I read reviews to try to decide if I should see the movie or not, not to get the whole plot line. For this reason I don't normally read movie reviews. Also, I try my best to write my reviews without giving away any major plot points. So if you haven't seen a movie and don't want to read the review I won't be offended that you didn't read it. However I will do my best to get across my feelings on the movies without ruining it for you. Now that that's taken care of...

I had high hopes for this movie and was pretty much let down. Being a math person, the whole number puzzle intrigued me, but wasn't really that difficult to solve. (Hmmm... what could 09112001 stand for?) I did like the math lecture that was in the movie. So often the "lectures" they show are supposed to be an upper level class, but the actually cover pretty basic lessons (21 was a good case of this).

Parts of the movies were somewhat jump out of you seat scary, which I like, in a movie at least.

Overall the first half of the movie was a lot better than the second. They created an interesting problem, but didn't really like the way they solved it. All I can say is if there were a little more social skills involved things would have been a lot easier.

This movie was the exact opposite and I like the end better than the start. This could have been due to the fact I was trying not to fall asleep during the first part. Parts of it were confusing, going back and forth in time, but again it would have been less confusing if I was more awake.

There was an interesting twit at the end and all the main actors (Julia, Clive, and even Paul Giamatti) were really good. If I had to choose between the two of them, I would say go seeing Duplicity first.


P.S. Anyone else excited for the season finale of Jon & Kate Plus 8 tonight? There's supposed to be some big revelation, and I really don't think they are getting divorced. I hope not!

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  1. I watched Jon and Kate Plus 8 when I was on vacation in Tucson last month. I could not stand Kate. I kept telling my girlfriend that Jon should take his three favorite kids and make a run for it.

  2. I think I'd like to go see Duplicity...doesn't look TOO bad :) What I hate about movies in general is that right around Oscar season, there are like...10 movies I'd like to go see...and after that there's a drought, with apparently no good movies to go watch...:(

    I won't be watching the finale of Jon and Kate, but now I'm intrigued about the "big news"!

  3. I need a Jon & Kate update!! I forgot to watch. GAH!

    And, I want to see Duplicity, although I was afraid it might not be as good as the previews make it look.