Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Surf n Turf

Besides crawfish, the other big meal this past weekend was at Longhorn Steakhouse. The dinner was with the Boy's whole family for his brother-in-laws birthday (which I attempted to say in the last post as well, but it didn't quite make it). They have a tradition where on any one's birthday they get to pick the restaurant and the whole family attends. Some people tend to pick the same restaurant every year, other people mix it up. Longhorn Steakhouse was mixing it up, as I (and probably several other people) had never been there.

The boy and I go there about 30 minutes early (because he's obsessed like that). No reservations had been made so we put our names in for a table of 8 and a half. Me, the Boy, his parents, two family friends, his sister, her husband, and their 20 month old daughter (aka the half). Being that there were several couples at the restaurant all dressed up for prom, this was probably not the best day, and we were given a wait time of 1 hour. (Yes, prom. Schools get out really early in Louisiana. As in before Memorial, when I had my prom in California. Thus the reason prom was early.)

Everyone else winds up getting there, and we are of course still waiting an hour later. The manager comes over and tells us that they are waiting on a table. The party finished their food, paid, and is just sitting around talking and hanging out. This of course angered members of our party (understandable since we had been waiting for about an hour). However, there wasn't a lot to really do. If I was the party in question I wouldn't have wanted to be rushed out of the restaurant.

The manager was nice though and told us as soon as we sat down he'd get some appetizers for us on the house. Eventually, we got our table and ordered two orders of cheese fries and a fried onion. A few minutes later the manager came back, "Did you say two orders of cheese fries and fried shrimp?" We told him, that no it was the onions we ordered. He just kind of shrugged and told us we could have the onions too.

Even with the amount of appetizers, I didn't downsize my order. I had over an hour to pick it out after all. I would up going with the honey steak, which was pretty amazing. It had caramelized onions on top and a really good sauce. I of course got mashed potatoes with it, and a salad. A strawberry pecan salad. Which is pretty much a variation of my favorite salad. It was over a good mix of gourmet lettuce with of course had strawberries, pecans, grapes (I'm guessing they didn't have enough strawberries so they supplemented with another fruit?), and feta. I am obsessed with feta, and if I am in a restaurant and I see a salad with feta I will pretty much order it.

I don't have any pictures from the actual restaurant but I do have one of my leftovers! Here is my honey Bourbon Steak, some of the Wild West Shrimp, and some fries from the Boy's leftovers.
Longhorn Steakhouse Leftovers

Clearly, there was a good amount of leftovers, but after splitting FOUR appetizers and bread, how could there not have been!


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  1. I know goucher :) i had an internship right down the street a few years ago. We played them in field hockey every year too! so crazyyy!

  2. I'm just wondering, did you meet your boyfriend when you moved to LA, or did you know him from before? Random question :)