Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Wake Up You Sleepy Head

Earlier today Amber on Amber Alert posted about her morning routine. Can I say that I am the exact opposite. Ummm, I think the only time I ever wake up before 6am is when I have a flight to catch. Here is my normal morning.

7:04 My first alarm goes off. Yes, the alarm is set for 7:04. I am weird about what time I set my alarm for (the crosses over to what number I have the TV volume on). I need it to be an even number. But I can't have a number ending in zero. For example, 7:00 would not work. The alarm goes off at 7:04, I turn it off and reset it and then go back to sleep.

7:08 My second alarm goes off. I can't just hit snooze when the first one goes off, because it would go off 5 minutes later at 7:09, which is an odd number. I turn the alarm this alarm off, and lay back down. I figure I have a good 5 minutes still to stay in bed.

The is probably the worst decision in make in the mornings, since I lay back down and don't set a third alarm. On a good day I manage get myself out of bed by 7:15. Today was not one of those days. I didn't make it up till 7:30. Thankfully, I have always gotten up, so I guess it is working for me.

Thankfully, I am able to get dressed and ready pretty quickly. I'm always out the door between 7:30 and 7:40. Even when I don't get started till 7:30!

I literally live 10 minutes away from work, which is the only reason I'm able to do this. Even today, getting out of bed at 7:30, I was able to clock in 5 minutes early at 7:55.

However, on a good morning I can fit in a Starbucks run. I actually have to drive by work in order to get to Starbucks. I've figured out that in order to make it work on time and go to Starbucks, I need drive past the driveway to my office by 7:45. If its before 7:45, then I know I have time to drive the extra block for a latte. Otherwise, I'll turn in to the office.

I definitely have been cutting it close the past few mornings by stying in bed so late. My goal for tomorrow? Get up with the second alarm at 7:08. Then I'll have time for Starbucks. I'm at least willing to sacrifice my sleep for that!



  1. Hahahaha.

    First, I'm glad I inspired a post idea for you.

    Second, HILARIOUS about the even number thing, I can't believe you take the time to set a second alarm for 7:08 when the first one goes off. Too funny!!

  2. This had me cracking up!!! I'm almost as bad with the snoozes... not quite though! lol!
    I only set two alarms when I'm really paranoid, usually I just rely on my phone for an alarm.

  3. I love how you factor starbucks into your morning routine. haha so funny. Do you have a numbers suspicious type thing? I bet 3/3/09 drove you nuts!

  4. I have to admit that I've NEVER hit the snooze button :) I just get up as my alarm goes off ;)

    Also...I'd like to profess my love for Starbucks :) When I have to do a Starbucks run, it literally makes my day!

    Oh, and you were right. I don't know the college you went to :( Oh well :)