Monday, March 2, 2009

Musical Chairs

I got to work today. Clocked in. Put my purse in my drawer. Went to sit down... and noticed my chair was missing! No I didn't try to sit down on nothing and fall. There was a chair there, but it wasn't MY chair. It was tiny and small and had no handles and made me feel like a little kid. And my trash can was on my desk. And someone had put trash in it! (A Reese's Peanut Butter Cup wrapper. Even at 8 am this made me want one.)

I was actually quite offended. That they valued me so little that they took my chair away and gave me a "baby" chair too. I was actually thinking of "stealing" someone elses char for my own, when I heard one of my co-workers saw, "This isn't my chair!"

It seemed they must have had the carpets cleaned over the weekend and moved everything out of the way. And didn't pay attention to where each chair came from so put them back randomly. Luckily they did this a row at a time so we only had about 10 chairs to sort out. One person had left her jacket on a chair. check. Anyone had a chair covered her hair. check. Two people had chairs without armrests. check check.

So I was able to get rid of my miniature chair. I wound up with a chair, while not the exact one I had before at least the same model. After playing with the levers I finally go myself situation to a high and back position that felt comfortable. With all this drama I forgot to get coffee till 30 mins after I had been at work.

But moving on to more important things. The Bachelor finale! Starts. In. Twenty. Minutes. I am really excited. Although, I feel like it has lost some of the suspense, with the spoilers I've read. I'm not going to share them here in case you haven't seen them. But I really hope that isn't what happens. I'm hoping that he decides to get back with Deanna. That could be a big twist right?

So I guess we'll see. I'm crossing my fingers!


P.S. And that whole big pinkie ring controversy. It can't be that hard to take an image and flip it so you see a mirror image. Thus moving the ring to the right or left hand right?


  1. I wonder who would take your chair and not have the decency to put it back! im sorry you were stick with the mini chair :\

  2. They cleaned the carpets and just didn't pay attention to which chair went where. I worked out ok, and I wound up getting the same type back.

  3. LOL, that sucks. In our journalism classroom at the university some of the chairs are good and some are bad. I like to get there early to nab a good chair haha.

  4. so funny how a chair can throw your day, or at least the start of your day, out of whack. but it really can! as you have experienced.

    I am so looking forward to the Bachelor finale. It is on right now, but the bf (yes, he likes to watch it just as much as I do... maybe more, haha) wanted to TiVo it so we could skip thru the commercials. I am not sure if I want Jason to get back with Deanna, I kind of think she already had her chance, but I guess we'll see. I know my bf does not want that. he said something along the lines of, "he better not get back with that bitch." whoa, buddy, calm down! :)

  5. LOL! That same thing happened to my Boyfriend, the part where someone took his chair, and he noticed it wasn't the original one. He never found out how that happened... Maybe there were carpet cleaners on his floor too...

    I wear a "Creepo Ring" - it's a ring that looks like an engagement ring. I wear it on my ring finger to ward off the creepos.