Sunday, November 1, 2009

More Halloween Fun

This years Halloween went a little different than in years past. I didn't dress up and we didn't go out and hit up the bar scene. Instead I went out trick-or-treating with the boy's niece and her friends.
S and Aunt "Sonya"
While we were outing trick-or-treating the boys stayed inside watching the football games.
The Boy & Nephew
And no, the boy's 10-day-old nephew was not dressed up. I hope he's able to overcome this set back just as I did on my first Halloween. Something inside me thinks he'll manage to make it through.

Of course since I did so much hard work trick-or-treating throughout the whole neighborhood I deserved a few treats myself right?
My candy stash
Don't worry though, his niece was still left with quite a large amount of candy. Although I'm sure her parents will be enjoying much more of it than she will. Its funny I remember trick-or-treating growing up and having it be a big deal if a house gave out two or even three pieces of candy. But in this neighborhood most houses would give out a large handful of candy. Some even had gift bags full of candy made up!

After trick-or-treating, the boy and I went to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the LSU-Tulane football game. Of course with a score of 42-0 and a win to LSU it wasn't really much of a game. But its still feels good to watch a win

And what would a weekend be without a movie? So as soon as the game was over we headed over to the theaters to catch a 10pm show. Any one care to guess what movie we saw? And no, I did not buy any candy at the theater. Instead I ate the trick-or-treating candy out of my purse! Clever, don't you think? I hope everyone else had a happy Halloween as well, and a great weekend!



  1. Awwww! SO CUTE. THat sounds like a great way to spend halloween. I really wish I was closer to my nieces and nephews, I totally would have taken them trick-or-treating :-)

  2. Ahhh, how fun! I went trick or treating w/ my nephews last year and it was so much fun!

    I have no guess on what movie you saw because I am so out of touch w/ reality/pop culture, I have no idea what's even IN theaters these days. I feel like I live under a rock.

  3. Aw! I wish I had been able to go trick or treating with J's niece... :-(

    His nephew had a "dog" outfit ready for his first halloween but he slept through the festivities so they never woke him to put it on! They just have a picture of him asleep with the outfit laying on top of him. Pretty funny!

    It looks like y'all had alot of fun even if it wasn't your usual Halloween. :-)

  4. Sounds like y'all had a relaxing Halloween with the kiddos.

    I'm all about sneaking candy into the movie. I've also brought Subway sandwiches in my purse into the movie. The movie food is waaaay too expensive.

  5. aw, how cute! I was Minnie Mouse as a child (I think I was Minnie a couple times actually!) I did go out and get pretty drunk (eek!) this halloween, but I bet it would have been fun being a kid again and going out trick-or-treating. as a kid, my parents gave out usually 2 pieces of candy but lately, not as many trick-or-treaters come by so I think people are getting more generous and giving out handfuls so they don't end up with tons of leftover candy!

  6. Aw, it sounds like you had a fabulous halloween this year!

  7. Sounds like fun :D Mine was spent blowing my nose and sneezing a lot lol!

    Smart thing bringing your own candy to the movie theatre! Although to be honest, I try to ALWAYS do it... hehe :P