Monday, November 9, 2009

Its Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas?

Disney's A Christmas Carol
Yes, we went and saw a Christmas movie the first weekend in November. I realize this might be exciting for a lot of people, but it just seems weird and a little too rushed for my taste. But I had to go see it, mainly because I'm a little addicted to 3-D movies.

We all know the story of A Christmas Carol, so it was up to Disney to put a different spin on it. The used the same kind of motion capture first used in The Polar Express and it was pretty amazing how true to life everyone looked. Especially Colin Firth, you almost couldn't tell you weren't actually watching him on screen.

Jim Carrey was good in the film, but did seem a little more subdued than normal. Which in a role like this could have easily worked if he had played it a little over the top. (Also, this now means Jim Carrey has been both Scrooge and the Grinch. Anything think he might be a little anti-Christmas?)

The 3-D effects in the movie were really good. When it was snowing in the movie, it really looked like it was snowing in the theater as well. Actually, in general the special effects were really good. But probably the best part of the movie. It almost seemed as if they spent almost all of their money on the special effects and the rest of the movie was almost an afterthought.

On a similar thought, all of the big action scenes felt as if you were a ride. Being that it was already 3-D, it makes you wonder if Disney is planning on turning this movie into a ride. I think the movie could easily be turned into a ride and it'd be great. But a good ride doesn't really make a good movie.

Overall its not a bad movie, but I wouldn't call it amazing. Its not my favorite version of A Christmas Carol either, instead I'd have to go with A Muppet's Christmas Carol. If you love all Christmas movies you might want to see this in the theater. Otherwise, I'd wait until Disney turns the movie into an actual ride at Disneyland.



  1. I think I'll wait and go see it closer to Christmas :) I'm kind of sick of the 3 ghosts showing up everywhere in every sort of story line (apparently it will be on Gossip Girl soon), so it will really be just to put me in the mood for the holidays!

  2. I think I'm you wear 3-d glasses during the movie? Because that's why I was excited to see it.

  3. You definitely do wear 3-D glasses when you watch it (assuming you see a 3-D version at least). That's one of the best parts of the movie for me.

  4. I haven't been to a movie in the theater where you wear the glasses. I might have to see this...since I'm an uber fan of the holidays!