Sunday, November 29, 2009

Show us Your... Christmas Traditions

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Yesterday I posted about Thanksgiving, so it only makes sense that I'm participating in this week's Show Us Your Life at Kelly's Korner but sharing my Christmas traditions. You might think its a little weird that myself, a Jewish girl, is posting about Christmas traditions. Except my mom converted to Judaism which means her side of the family is Christian and we would celebrate Christmas with them. I used to think this was really the best of both world growing up, and used to say I wanted to marry someone who was Christian so someday my own children could celebrate all the Jewish holidays and Christmas.

Growing up, every year for Christmas we'd drove out to my grandparent's house for a few nights. Christmas Eve we'd normally watch a movie, my brother would usually insist on watching A Christmas Story, but my vote would normally be fore It's a Wonderful Life

When we were little we were allowed to open one present on Christmas Eve to tide us over till the next day. Or if Hanukkah overlapped with Christmas we'd open a Hanukkah present from our parents the night before. Since my parents were giving us Hanukkah presents, they didn't give us any actual presents Christmas morning. Instead on Christmas the presents we opened were all from our extended family.

Once Christmas morning came my brother and I were able to open up our stockings as soon as we got out of bed. And then once everyone had gotten out of bed we could open presents. My preferred way of opening presents is taking turns that way you can see whatever one else is opening. More importantly for me, this means every one's undivided attention is on me when I open my presents. I always would try to save all my presents to the end, that way I could keep the suspense as long as possible.

Later on in the afternoon my mom's brother and his family would arrive, or there were a few years when my family and my grandparents would drive to my aunt and uncle's house in San Diego instead. Once we were all together, a new round of present opening begin.

Later one in the day we'd have our holiday dinner. It wasn't the exact same every year, but every year it would be delicious.

Then of course there was dessert. There were a few years where my brother, cousin, and I would open our dessert palace. We'd find out what was being made for dessert, make menus for everyone, and then act as waiters serving dessert plates. This was always a lot of fun for us, and provided some great memories. I know I'll never forget the time the menus I made advertised chocolate mouse instead of chocolate mousse!

I've actually spend Christmas the last two years in Louisiana with the boy's family. But this year we'll both be heading out to California for Christmas. I'm so excited and really looking forward to being able to spend the holiday with my family in about a month!

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  1. That's so cute! I love that you wanted to marry a Christian so you could celebrate Christmas ;)

    I love CHristmas, for non-religious reasons. I just love the holidays in general because hopefully there's snow, and everyone's fairly happy, you get to see family, no school work, I love giving great gifts and spending time thinking about them... Anyways it's just a mix of all those things that makes me love the holidays :)

  2. Those are great traditions! We do the same thing and open one gift on Christmas Eve! :)

  3. Thanks! The Christmas album is a pretty fun tradition!

  4. Aww... great traditions! I'm happy y'all will get to see your family this year. Can't wait to see photos and hear about your visit to CA.

  5. How great that you get to go home and spend Christmas with your family this year! That's awesome.

    My Christmas traditions are very similar to yours, we always used to open ONE present on Christmas Eve and then the rest Christmas morning. It actually works out well because Eric's family opens all their present on Christmas Eve so we usually spend Christmas Eve with his family and Christmas morning with mine!

  6. My godparents are Jewish so I've been very fortunate enough to take part in some of their traditions as well. I think it's great that you celebrate both!

    We've always opened one gift on Christmas eve and the next morning we ALWAYS take turns opening!

  7. I LOVED hearing about your traditions!

    We too open one gift on Christmas Eve, but it's always PJ's to wear during Christmas morning when we open our gifts.

    How cute was it that you guys made menus for desserts and acted as waiters. That's adorable!

  8. Those are great traditions. I like the one where you opened the stocking gifts first and waited for everyone to get up for the rest.

  9. Thank you :-) look at this emo boy hair on this blog: