Thursday, November 19, 2009

My Little Library

Remember when the boy bought me a bookshelf for my birthday? (No? Go here to catch up!) I've finally made a point to start using it!
Books in the Bookshelf

And no, this isn't close to all the books in our apartment. Its more like books that have been read in the past year.

When I was filling up the shelves I knew I wanted it to be organized, but I wasn't sure how. Should I go by book size? Or alphabetical by author? Or by genre? Such a hard decision, at least for me. In the end I decided to go by genre first and then by author's last name within genre. Of course this presented a problem in its own. For example, when I put The Last Summer (of You and Me) on the shelf, does it go before The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants alphabetically or after since its was published later? I decided for after the series, would you have done the same?

One thing I found a little assuming is how you can tell almost instantly by looking what type of books are on each shelf. The top shelf is all chick lit, which instantly jumps out at you because the whole shelf is pastel colored. The left hand side of the second shelf is historical fiction, and the right hand is science fiction/fantasy. It isn't as obvious here, but its pretty easy to notice when the books start being all blue and black that you've changed genres. Finally the 3rd shelf is non-fiction, made of mainly of memoirs but a few historical non-fiction books as well. Also on the 3rd shelf are some of the boy's books which needed a to go.

Overall, I'm pretty happy with my little organization. I do still have one shelf left on the very bottom, but I have a feeling it'll be full awfully quickly and then I'll be needing a new shelf! I'm hoping there's at least someone else out there who likes to see their books organized as much as I do, after all its like my own mini-library! If so, how do you organize your books? Or even if you don't know, what would make sense to you in regards to organizing your books?



  1. I've always liked the idea of organizing by color... I plan on trying that whenever J and I settle somewhere.

  2. I love looking at other peoples bookshelves! I organize mine by author, which tends to then be organized by genre as well. :)

  3. Hahahaha, you're SOOO funny. I don't know what I would have done with the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and the Last Summer.

    I organize my books by series/authors. All my Harry Potter books are together, my Sophie Kinsella books, James Patterson etc. etc. :)

  4. I used to have my books arranged alphabetically by author. But I got made fun of for this so much by some of my friends, so when I moved 4 years ago, I arranged them on the shelf by size. And i hate it because I can NEVER find the books I am looking for! So I have been meaning to re-organize them, but I have 4 bookshelves, one of which is a huge, 5 shelfer, and I just haven't been motivated to do it because it is goign to take a LONG TIME.

  5. I noticed the Twilight books first thing :)

  6. in my old apartment I had them organized by color. I felt so trendy! :)

    Now, I've just got them shoved onto shelves so they're not on the floor. No good. You've inspired me, though. I'm going to organize them this weekend!