Wednesday, November 18, 2009

What's in a Name

(a Where in the World Wednesday post)
I think I might be one of the only ones doing a Where in the World Wednesday today, but that's fine with me because I still want to share this picture with everyone.
Shoshanah's Bar!
This is me in Jerusalem on Ben Yehuda street. And in case you can't read Hebrew, the sign at the very top says "Shoshanah's Bar." I was so excited to see this, because as you might imagine, in America its awfully hard to find my name in print. All of those gift shop's that have personalized keychains for tons of names, will NEVER have Shoshanah. Except things are a little different in Israel where Shoshanah is a pretty popular name. In fact, I've heard there's an Israeli song where the only word is my name repeating.

I know there's other names out there where its hard to find it already in print. Or if you have a common name, you might spell it an uncommon way so you can't find it either. Have you always been able to find your name in print, or it is almost impossible for you to find it like me? (And if anyone else is participating in Where in the World Wednesday, let me know!)



  1. I LOVE your where in the world, please don't stop!! If I posted more often I'd do them ;)

    Trust me, I know how you feel though. The only place where I find my name anywhere is in France or Switzerland lol!!

  2. I totally meant to do a where in the world wednesday and forgot! Boo! Next week!

    Seeing as how my name is Jennifer it's usually just sold out.

  3. I always had problems finding my name on little things... As a kid it sucked!

    I love your name! Even before I blogged it was on my list of names to consider for future children. It was a bonus when J came along and happens to be Jewish! :-)

  4. Ummmmm....Korin is not on the list out there of common names, so I never had anything personalized. I did name my kids normal names though!

  5. I had no idea your name was Hebrew. That's very interesting!

    No problems here, Amber is a pretty common name. My best friends name is Michele with ONE L, though, and she ALWAYS had trouble finding stuff with it spelled properly!

  6. That is totally awesome that you found a sign with your name on it, in Hebrew no less! Unique names are great. Seriously, Ashley is so overrated and overused. ;)

  7. I can NEVER find my name!!! I usually have to special order if I want something. :(

    And I may start doing Where in the World... :)

  8. I rarely find my name anywhere, so whenever I see something, I buy it. Actually, last weekend, we went to a Christmas Tree Shop and I found pens with my name, so I bought three packs of them! I was in Czech Republic a few years ago and found a store called Alexis. Of course, I took a picture of me under the sign :)

  9. OMG. I can't believe even I forgot to do my own little thing on Wednesday...I'll be back this week, of course!

    Great photo...I would so love to go to Israel!