Friday, November 27, 2009

The Tea Rose Trilogy: Book 2

The Winter Rose by Jennifer Donnelly
A few month ago I read The Tea Rose, and knew I would have to read the next book in the trilogy The Winter Rose. While I loved the first, I had no idea how much more I would fall for the second. I literally haven't been able to stop reading the book since I started earlier this week.

Like the first, this books starts in London in the early 1900s includes the same cast of characters from the first book with one new addition. That is India Jones, a female doctor who dreams of opening a free clinic for the poor mothers and children of London's slums. India winds up getting mixed up with Sid Malone a notorious criminal, and something of a romance starts to develop.

Like the first the book is a tale of star-crossed lovers who would be together if not for complications or misunderstandings. As much as I loved the book, this was the one thing that aggravated me. So often I character thinks, "Maybe I should say something," without knowing how much good could come from that one piece of information. And every time they second guess themselves. You almost want to throw the book out of frustration, just thinking how close everyone came to being happy. Except the book would be quite a bit shorter that way.

I easily loved this book far more than the first, which I wasn't expecting heading into it. This is a trilogy, but unfortunately the third book hasn't been released yet. I can't wait until it is published, and hope it lives up to my lofty expectations!



  1. You find so many awesome series! I need to start ordering your recommendations!

    (I downloaded the first Rashis' Daughters book but haven't started reading it yet!)

  2. I find the title and the cover both very appealing... I just may have to pick those up!

  3. You always recommend the greatest books!