Monday, November 2, 2009

Jumping on the Vampire Bandwagon

Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant
We went and saw this movie this past weekend, and I'm really not sure why. We did see it on Halloween, so I guess you could say that's the reason. But other than that I'm at a loss. I think what happened when they made this movie is that they had this young adult book series on vampires, and thought to themselves, "Young adult vampire movies are HUGE right now!" So they made a movie as quick as can be without investing any time or money into it and assumed teenage girls would flock out to see it similar to Twilight.

Not quite the case. There was a slight romantic back story, but it wasn't anywhere near the main plot of the movie. And what's the plot? A teenage boy becomes a "good" vampire to save his friend's life, and then goes to live at the cirque of freaks as his vampire creator's assistant where he becomes friends with a Snakeboy and a Monkeygirl. Meanwhile the friend is jealous his friend left him so he becomes a "bad" vampire. See where this is going?

By the end of the movie, my main thought was that I could see how this could be a good young adult book series. The movie basically introduced you to the main characters and gave you an idea of where the series would be headed. I could see from the movie how the series had a lot of potential to be good. But the movies itself was definitely not quite there. The special effects were bad, the movie was predictable and cliched, even the make-up was pretty bad. Although I did think Monkeygirl was pretty cute.

Looking back on it, it might not have been a bad Disney Channel type movie. But as a movie to see in the theater, it really wasn't worth seeing.



  1. I totally agree! Not that I've seen it, but from the previews that's totally what I'm expecting from it. It kind of appeared out of nowhere, too...

  2. So the other day at work, someone was talking about being out at a bar and rubbing some girls feet. This made me instantly think of the post you did about the movie theater and the rubbing of the feet. So I asked him why he would do that in a public place his answer: Drunk. Soooo....maybe the people in the theater had been boozing it up?!!!