Saturday, November 14, 2009


The boy and I are housesitting for his parents this weekend. For most people that would entail staying at the house, bringing the mail in, maybe feeding an animal or two. Well, I can tell you that we will be feeding an animal or two, but it won't necessarily be the animals you're thinking off. Here's a picture of me from the first time we housesat.
With a mom and her baby
Yes, there are 3 horses in the picture with me. We're taking care of 5 this weekend, 3 "mom" horses and 2 "baby" horses. Have I mentioned before that I'm not really an animal person? I guess it shows just what I'm willing to do for the boy. Hope everyone else is having a great horse-free weekend! (Or horse-filled weekend if that's what you'd prefer.)


  1. Wow, your a nice girlfriend. I'm not a huge animal person either. Hope you have fun horsesitting. :)

  2. Awwww some babies?? They're so adorable :) I love horses, I used to do horseback riding... Hope the week-end goes well ;)

  3. Aww I LOVE horses. That sounds fun :) Haha

  4. I hope the horse-sitting went well! You are truly a really good girlfriend for the boy! Does he know how lucky he is?