Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Pink Chair

Almost exactly two months ago the boy's parents gave us their old couch and a pink armchair. The pink arm chair, was left in the living room when it really should have been put into the 2nd bedroom upstairs. But that was such a crazy day there wasn't really time for that to happen. Don't believe me? Check it out! So I was fine with the chair being in the middle of the living room then. But I had been told by the other occupant of the apartment, that he would move it upstairs.

Almost two months later it was still in the middle of the living room. It was facing a wall, so it really wasn't of any use to anyone. The only thing it had been getting used for was a place for my purses. I'd walk in and throw whatever purse I had been using on the chair, mainly because it was there, sitting in the middle of the room!

This past weekend I felt a bit productive and decided I would FINALLY move the chair upstairs. I dragged it across the floor to the foot of the stairs and tried to drag it up the stairs. I couldn't make it past the first. Defeated I left the chair right where it was. To where you pretty much had to jump over the chair if you want to go upstairs. If you wanted to go to the kitchen. If you wanted to go to the living room. So pretty much if you wanted to go anywhere in the apartment. I was hoping that maybe the boy would get tired of jumping over it and move it upstairs.

Not so much. After two days of having to maneuver around it I finally gave in. It was fairly late at night, so the boy was home. I kind of freaked out and made both of us stop what we were doing, and lug it upstairs. He pulled and I pushed. Which really meant he carried it up the stairs and I stood behind the chair making sure it didn't crash down.

But now, look! There is officially furniture in the 2nd bedroom!
In the 2nd Bedroom
Mission Accomplished

Now if I could only get him to hang up the clock that he promised to hang back in January!



  1. Haha! That's great! I love that you left it in the middle of the way so it HAD to get done!

  2. hilarious! I love how something can be totally in the way, and so inconvenient, and you still won't move it! I can't say it is just a boy thing though, I am guilty. I haven't had a place to eat for weeks because I am too lazy to clear all my work papers off the dining table! :)

  3. Hahaha. That's hilarious and sounds just like a boy thing!

  4. Woah, that sounds like MY boyfriend!!! lol!! He often promises to do things around the house, and months later it's still not done...but we've got to love them for it ;)