Thursday, April 9, 2009

Orange Chipotle Glazed Chicken

Whenever the boy decides to cook dinner its a completely different process than the one I take. If I'm the one who's cooking first I have to decide what to make (which is the hardest part for me, and really why I don't cook that often). Once I have an idea of what I went to cook I need find the perfect recipe. Or if I can't come up with an idea, I will look through recipe books to find one. Luckily I have a large selection of cookbooks, and there's always the Internet. Once I know what I'm making I'll make a shopping list so I know exactly what to I need to buy. Of course when I'm cooking, I don't really deviate from the recipe. I might add something extra, but on the whole I'm not that creative.

Then of course there is the boy's way...

For example last weekend we were at Target, and the boy decides its my turn to cook. Well, in the middle of Target, there's no way I can come up with an idea. Let alone figure out what I need to buy, so he decides to take the reigns. He thinks about it for a little bit and decides, "I'll make orange chipotle glazed chicken." Seriously, how does he randomly come up with that! He comes up with a list of what we'll need: peppers, oranges, honey, and of course chicken. He decides since he's doing the main course, I need to come up the a vegetable. "Well, we do have frozen peas in the freezer!"

And once we're back at the apartment he starts cooking up a storm. No recipe needed. I helped out by grating orange zest (because he felt it was esential to his meal) but didn't do a whole lot else. And surprisingly, even without a lot of planning everything turned out really well.

Orange Chipotle Glazed Chicken

Just don't ask me about the time he decided he would make meatloaf without bread crumbs.

But what is your cooking style like? Are you by the book like me, or able just to come up with ideas and recipes on a whim like him?


P.S. Sorry to disappoint, but I won't have a Frozen Thursday post tonight. Unless of course someone knows of any kosher for passover frozen meals? Yeah, didn't think so.


  1. I am definitely like you! I need a recipe and I usually get it from the Food Network, either one I see made on TV (Love Everyday Italian and Rachel Ray) or one I find browsing the FN website. While I don't hate cooking, it can be a bit stressful for me, especially if I am making something new! It seems like it takes me forever to do something and I don't always time things right and I feel like I have to look at the recipe every 5 seconds or I'll mess up! haha. that's why I usually stick to basic things that I can make without staring at a recipe or having to shop for strange ingredients I will never use again. Also, the boy is super picky, even pickier than me, so it's hard to cook for him anyway.

    as far as the boy's cooking skills go, all he can really make is burritos, aka, browning ground meat and adding seasoning :) he even messed up instant rice the other night because he didn't read the directions and just filled up the pot with water (instead of putting 2 cups). gotta love him for trying though, right?

  2. sounds AMAZING!

  3. Hmmmmm that looks DELICIOUS!!!

    I think I'm a little of both. I like looking around to find a recipe, and then adapt it a little. And since I cook by what I FEEL like eating (not what's planned) then it's easier to think of a recipe :) But I would not have thought of orange chipotle glazed chicken!!! :)