Thursday, April 16, 2009

Care for a Kiss?

A Hersey one at least? I'm not a huge fan of them. Nothing against them really, there are just so many other more exciting chocolate or candy choices. And a plain piece of bite-size chocolate, nice but not amazing. Hold on though. Plain chocolate?

I remember when Hersey Hugs we introduced (striped white and milk chocolate on the outside if you don't remember). Those were a huge deal. But now, do you know how many different types of kisses there are? And there really isn't any marketing for any type of Hersey Kiss!

The only reason I even knew about all the different types is because of the boy's mom. Each year in my Christmas stocking there are different types of kisses. Same with my Easter basket. During Christmas 2007, she gave us mint kisses (filled with a green mint center) and peppermint kisses (the whole kiss is red and white stripped like a candy cane with pieces of peppermint thrown in). During Christmas 2008 there were caramel kisses (a caramel center) and truffle kisses (with a soft fudge-y center).

So what are the special kisses in this years Easter basket? Coconut kisses! I wasn't too sure how I'd feel about it. I'm not a huge coconut fan, and I was kind of picturing pieces of coconut mixed in with the chocolate. But surprisingly, I like it (A LOT). Its more of a soft coconut center, similar to what's in a Mounds bar. (At least I would think, I'm not sure the last time I had one of them.)

Are there any other Hersey kiss flavors I'm missing that you love? Or are you just as surprised to find out there are different flavors of Hersey Kisses as I was?


  1. Huh... didn't realize there were so many different Hershey's Kisses! I definitely want to try those mint ones! Yum!

  2. I had no idea there were so many different kinds of Hershey Kisses!! Weird...

  3. oh coconut kisses sound good!! the carmel kisses and the dark chocolate truffle ones are my favorites!!! and the mint ones are really good if you put them in the fridge! i'm a little bit of a chocololic :). i mean, i know hershey's chocolate isn't the best quality, but the kisses are so much fun! glad you found one that you like :)

  4. You get Hersey's Kisses in your Easter basket? Now that's one I've never heard before...

  5. I had no idea there were so many different ones either!!! I actually quite like the regular ones to be honest :) I think it's because it's much sweeter than the chocolate I'm used to!