Thursday, April 23, 2009

Chicken Pasta Pomodoro

Kashi Chicken Pasta Pomodoro

Kashi's Chicken Pasta Pomodoro
The is the second Kashi meal I ever tried (the first being their Mango Black Bean). I think for that reason I have a bit of a soft spot for it. Also its because its a pasta dish, and I'm pretty much obsessed with pasta. My favorite part is all the cheese that must be mixed in with the sauce. I can never tell its there till I get to the end. But there's also cheese stuck to the bottom of the tray, which I'm able to scrap of and enjoy.

In spite of the fact I will buy this whenever I am stocking up on my frozen meals, this is the only Kashi meal I've ever had problem's with. Not exactly a problem, but sometimes the chicken isn't the best quality. Almost a little fatty. It's hard to describe, and it didn't happen tonight. But it has happened more than once. Even with that, this one will probably stay as one of my Kashi favs!



  1. Have you tried the new Healthy Choice frozen meals? I usually tried to stay away from Healthy Choice because its pretty much hit or miss with them, but this new line seems much improved! I've only tried the Portabella Spinach Parmesan so far but it is delicious, it taste like real pasta.

  2. This looked like it was just cooked, not frozen! Yum :) I might bring some frozen meals from new york (I'll be bringing an ice box lol!)

    Btw, I haven't forgotten about the blog award! I'll be getting around to blogging soon and I'll include's just been...a long week.

  3. hmm, I love pasta too. I haven't tried any Kashi meals though. (Love Kashi cereal, though). I used to buy Healthy Choice and Lean Cuisine but I haven't in a while. Sometimes they just taste so... fake? I guess that's the best way I can describe it. But I think they have gotten better, judging by some of the commercials I have seen, so maybe I should give 'em a try.

  4. I've tried a few of the Health Choice Paninis, and did enjoy them. But there is something overall I don't like about it. Maybe because they market to such a mass market? Or maybe I try to hard to be an elitist and just buy Kashi and Amy's products?

  5. a little p.s.

    I finally gave out some blog love today, and I left you a little love in my post :)

    hope you have a great weekend!

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Your "About Me" says you're trying to be a Southern Belle... Well, your profile pic has you at an LSU game - so you're doing pretty darn good if you ask me!!!