Thursday, April 16, 2009

Not Quite A Frozen Thursday

This is normally when I post my Frozen Thursday to regal you all with what I ate for dinner. Last Thursdaywas during Passover, so there wasn't one. Tonight marks the end of Passover, so I could have broken my fast with a frozen meal. But what's the fun in that! I decided to keep the tradition I grew up with (and a lot of other people judging from facebook) and order a pizza!

I was originally going to order from Pizza Hut, since the boy has been asking about their stuffed crust pizza. I'm not a fan of the stuffed crust, but I don't always eat the crust anyway so it wouldn't be a huge sacrifice (plus we received a few coupons for Pizza Hut in the mail yesterday). I searched online to find the closest one to our apartment. Turns out there's only one in delivery distance. But I picked up the phone I called. I heard the woman on the other end gossiping with her co-workers when she answered. I told her I wanted to place an order for deliver, and she told me that they weren't delivery pizzas currently do to a shortage of drivers. Seriously? The unemployment rate is at an all time high and Pizza Hut can't hire people to deliver their food? Seems a little crazy.

So I figured I'd go with Domino's instead. I found their closet location (again only one Domino's in delivery distance. Baton Rouge is NOT a prime spot for delivery, but that's another entry.) No one answer the call and an automated machine picked up. The first thing it said was I could save $5 by ordering online. So I hung up and placed my order on their website.

I was originally planing on having pineapple on my half (my normal topping choice for delivery pizza). But seeing all the different choices written out in front of me I decided to play around. I went with feta, olives, and roasted red peppers. I kept the boy's half as pepperoni like normal. Domino's website is actually a lot of fun. After a place my order a pop-up box came up saying, "At 6:44 Jennifer started making your pizza." A few minutes later is changed to, "Jennifer put your pizza in the oven," and then, "Jennifer is packing up you pizza." Finally it switched to, "John has your pizza on the way." Really cute and personable. And the pizza itself? I'm really impressed with this topping choice! I might have to start switching it up from pineapple more often!

Half pepperoni; Half feta, olive, and roasted red pepper


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  1. Hmmm. That pizza looks good! I LOVE pizza huts stuffed crust but hate there pizza. So, I usually rip off the crust and eat it and the boy eats the pizza! Haha

  2. ah omg that pizzaaa! dang me and my 30 day no cheese challenge... tear...

  3. Ok, I don't want to alarm you (because really I'm sure there's nothing to worry about)...but didn't you see that video of those people who work at Domino's and they put cheese in their nose and then onto people's subs? Anyways they've been arrested so you're probably safe :)

  4. Annnnd you've made me one hungry girl!!

    Believe it or not it's Rosemary. The hubbs actually uses it all the time in his cooking. Haha! He seriously goes out side plucks a piece and then mixes in it our chicken, pasta, etc.

    I miss my housewife. But until he comes home, thanks for reminding me I can have pizza. Haha! :)

  5. ohh that pizza looks yummy, we recently discovered the dominos online feature also, we ordered bbq with chicken on thin crust mm mm good

  6. WHOOOOAAA, pizza looks amazing. Gooooeey gooodness.