Thursday, April 2, 2009

Aprils Showers

A week ago I posted about a huge thunderstorm we had. And then less than 1 hour later my computer decided to die. So while I would like to post about the huge thunderstorm we had at lunch today that shut down out networks at work for a few minutes, and shut down traffic light, and turned off the power at my computer, and cause more tornadoes, I will not be. I feel that I would only jinx myself, and cause my computer to die again.

I will talk about the fact that even though I said I wanted Megan Joy to stay on American Idol last night, after seeing her on the results show I was kind of glad she went home. Seriously, what was up the the flying around the stage and cawing like a bird! But moving on...

Last week I also told you to be sure to come back from my Frozen Thursday post. And I'm sure if anyone did, they must have been awfully confused because without a working computer I wasn't quite able to post. So today I will say nothing about my Frozen Thursday post later tonight. You will all have to wait in suspense to see if it happens or not!



  1. I am going to admit something here...I've never seen one episode of American Idol. Never!

  2. It seems as if everywhere in the US, bad weather has been arriving no matter what... :(