Tuesday, April 21, 2009

17 and Report

I am a little behind on my movie reviews. Which I know is devastating to everyone, because how can you decide what movie to see if you don't know my opinion!

Observe and Report
I thought I would enjoy this movie more than I did. Seth Rogan was in it, and I do enjoy a lot of what he's done (Knocked Up and Zack & Miri Make a Porno specifically). But this is not one of his better films. I haven't seen Paul Blart: Mall Cop so I really can't say how they compare or which is better. I think Paul Blart is somewhat family friendly while this is most definitely not.

Honestly, this is the type of movie that is so bad its almost amusing. The whole time you're thinking, "Seriously? Did they just? WTF!" It did have most of the audience in laughter, not necessarily because it was funny, bot more because it was so off the wall you HAD to laugh.

The bright spot of the movie was the coffee girl played by Collette Wolfe. She was really cute, and the scenes with her were my the scenes I enjoyed most in the movies. Coincidentally, she also had a small part in...

17 Again
I felt the exact opposite about this movie and enjoyed even more than I thought I would. (Even more surprising, the boy felt the same way and enjoyed it more than he thought he would.) Yes, we have all seen this same story, and it was predictable but that didn't matter.

Clearly the main reason I wanted to see the movie was because Zac Efron was in it. While did have a small dance scene in the beginning, it wasn't made by Disney it still had somewhat a Disney feel. However scenes between Zac Efron and Leslie Mann were really funny, mainly do the the sexual chemistry that was there, but really shouldn't have been. Who knew Zac Efron was a comedian? But even more than that he was just really good in the movie, and you could easily see the potential he has as an actor in the future.

My other favorite actor was Michelle Trachtenberg. I've loved her since she was in Nickelodeon's Pete & Pete and Harriet the Spy back in the day. She was great in the movie and even had her own comedic scenes. I know she's been on Gossip Girl lately, but I still wish she was even more mainstream.

If I were you, and we're trying to choose between one of these two movies, its pretty clear I think the winner is 17 Again. Just in case you weren't sure, that's the one that why my actual pick. Coming up this weekend? It's the boy's pick, so it'll probably be Fighting. I'm sure you can't wait to read my review of that!



  1. Oh I was thinking that Seth Rogan movie didn't look that good. I usually LOVE him, but that movie does look kind of stupid!

  2. I can't wait to see 17 Again! I just need to find someone to go see it with me!