Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Cake Batter

When I heard Ben & Jerry's was coming out with a cake batter ice cream I had to buy it. I love Ben & Jerry's. Its really the only ice cream I buy in the store. There have so many flavors I love and I couldn't wait to add cake batter to eat.

How did I know I'd love it? Well, I might not have tried Ben & Jerry's version before, but I LOVE Coldstone's Cake Batter Ice Cream. I normally get it mixed with gummy bears and sometimes caramel. Do you remember about 3 years ago when they stopped making their cake batter ice cream? It seems they used to put traces raw eggs in it, and some people had contracted salmonella. So they recalled it. I would have taken the salmonella over never having cake batter ice cream again. Thankfully, they were able to alter the recipe to make it salmonella-safe.

But now of course B&J had their own version. My favorite ice cream flavor made by my favorite ice cream company, how could that go wrong? Unfortunately, for B&J, Coldstone still wins on the Cake Batter front. I think its because Ben & Jerry's mixed in some chocolate ice cream into the flavor. Not that I'm not a fan of chocolate. But having both the chocholate and cake batter taste made it so you couldn't really taste either one clearly. So my solution? Add more flavors and we'll all be happy. It won't really taste like cake batter anymore (its not like it did before), but it will still taste really good. Introducing Cake Batter Peanut Butter Cup Ice Cream:

Ben & Jerry's Cake Batter Ice Cream
Making use of my leftover Easter Candy

On a different note, Carissa at The Lovely Dove tagged me to take a picture of myself right now and post it. Here is what I look like at this moment
Right Now

This is what I look like most every afternoon. I come home change out of my work clothes into sweats and a tank top. The shirt I'm wearing was originally the boy's but I have pretty much claimed is as my own, and wear it most always around the apartment.

And I almost forgot. I have to tag 3 people. So Sara, Anais, and Andrea, I want to see you right now!


P.S. Anyone else exciting for the Idol results show tonight? Its hard becuase everyone left is so good, but I'm going to say it will probably be Matt or Allison.


  1. I'll have to give it a shot! I love Ben and Jerry's ice cream. It's always soooo good!

  2. I'd rather get salmonella than never have cake batter ice cream again--HILARIOUS! Hahaha.

    Cute picture. Thanks for reminding me that I was tagged to do that!!

  3. Umm. I might have to go get that cake batter ice cream immediately. Mmm!!!

  4. I LOVE CAKE BATTER FROM COLD STONE! omggg haha i forgot how much i loved it. i would always get it with strawberries and graham crackers. omg need to go there pronto!

  5. Yay! thanks for playing along! oh, and while I like Coldstone's cake batter ice cream, my fave flavor of ice cream is banana. Which means I love Ben & Jerry's Chunky Monkey and I absolutely HEART Coldstone's banana ice cream WITH bananas. and sometimes macadamia nuts. I think I have a banana problem, but it is so so good! (same goes for banana flavored fro yo!)

  6. Cake batter ice cream sounds SOOO good! I eat my own cake batter, so really who cares about raw eggs :)