Wednesday, April 15, 2009

25 22 Hours in California: Part 3 - Afterword

Of course not long after I arrived (22 hours in fact), it was time for me to fly back. I hadn't checked a bag on my flight to California (good thing considering that that went), but I checked one on my flight back to California. My mom is slowly forcing me to move my stuff out of the house. Besides renting a moving van, moving my stuff from California to Louisiana isn't the easiest of task. But I am doing it little by little.

Also going back on the flight with me was leftovers. (The Boy said I wasn't allowed to go home without him unless I brought back food. Ha!) So my mom loaded me up! 3 large tupperwares of brisket, 2 small tupperware of charosets, and 1 of chocolate matzoh. I've flown with leftovers before and haven't had a problem. They've always needed to look at the bag by hand, but once they see its food, its not really a problem. Of course, not quite how it happened.

They needed to hand search my bag as expected. I told the security woman what it was made some jokes about it, and what not. The problem was the brisket it meat packed in its juices. Mainly meat, but a little liquid. So first she had one of her co-workers look at it. Then she told me she would have to check with her supervisors to make sure it was ok. Seriously? This is was airport security has gotten to? Luckily, I was able to make it through. And considering the problems I had with my flight to California, this wasn't really a big deal.

The flight was non-stop, so after reading my Cosmo, American Wife and listening to my ipod, we arrived, 30 minutes early. Luckily, the boy is always early, so he was there waiting from me.

From the airport we were driving straight to his parents' house for Easter dinner. It's funny how different holidays are for his family and my family. For Passover everyone dressed up at least a little, the table was set with the nicest dishes...
The Table Set Up
His family's dinners are for more relaxed and laid back. Kind of opposite from what you'd expect from a California versus a Louisiana holiday. Not that either one is better, its just an interesting contrast. For dinner there was fried fish, french fries, and salad. And of course for dessert we had our Easter baskets!
Easter Basket
This basket is technically for me and the Boy to split. Except he hates candy and chocolate, except for dark chocolate and there isn't any dark in the basket. So of course it will be up to me to eat it all. I think I can handle it! Of course I've been trying not to, since it's not quite kosher for Passover!

Now that I am back into real life, I'm trying hard to get caught up with everything. I've almost caught up with my google reader, but I haven't yet unpacked. (O Yes, I have my priorities right!) So I wanted to give a big Thank You (and Congratulations!) to the newly engaged Cece for an honest scrap award!

Yes, I know there are rules am I supposed to follow where I write 10 honest things and award 10 people, but I forgot to watch The Hills on Monday, and a repeat is about to air, so I am awarding this to ALL of my readers. (Yes, the easy way out I know). But Thank You again! I really do appreciate it!!

P.S. I watched 18 Children and Counting last night, and started tearing up when Anna found out she was pregnant AND when she stared telling other people. Yes, I am a bit of a loser!

P.P.S. I'm thinking it will probably be Lil going home on American Idol tonight, and I don't really see the judges saving her.


  1. That's a nice looking basket! I asked for spinning classes instead of chocolate lol!!!

  2. We didn't get a chance to really celebrate Easter this year so I didn't get any chocolate. Then I go into work today to find a huge Easter basket on the receptionists desk.... Ya, I hate about 30 mini chocolate eggs today :S Whoops! They're SO good though! Lol.

  3. That is a fun looking basket of goodies! :) Just found your blog while browsing.