Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Mid-Year Stats

Newlyweds Next Door recently posted mid year blog stats. I know it's been a while since I've done anything similar so I figured I'd join in on the fun!

Top 10 referring blogs in 2011:
1. New Girl on Post
2. My Story is Not Over
3. The Time of Our Lives
4. The Branches
5. Sarah in the City
6. Little Mrs. Married
7. Newlyweds Next Door
8. Crazy Shenanigans
9. An Irregular Silsbee
10. 30 Before 30 List

Countries with the most visits in 2011
(Excluding the US and Canada which would be 1 & 2 respectively)
1. United Kingdom
2. Australia
3. Germany
4. Italy
5. Brazil
6. Vietnam
7. Sweden
8. The Netherlands
9. Malaysia
10. Romania

States with the most visits in 2011
1. California
2. Louisiana
3. Texas
4. New York
5. Massachusetts
6. Virginia
7. Florida
8. Pennsylvania
9. Illinois
10. Tennessee
And interesting fact, in 2011, I've had someone visit my site from every state except Alaska.

Posts with the most visits in 2011
1. Up in the Mountains
2. All American Girl
3. The Pioneer Woman
4. The Tea Rose Trilogy: Book 2
5. More Teen Moms
6. The Cupcakes are Coming
7. The Pancake Post
8. The Argument Against E-Readers
9. In My Mailbox (14)
10. Plantation Homes

Top 10 Most Commented Posts from 2011
1. The Argument Against E-Readers
2. In My Mailbox (6)
3. Help Me Out
4. In My Mailbox (11)
5. Narrowing it Down
6. The When
7. The Choice
8. In My Mailbox (5)
9. In My Mailbox (3)
10. If You're a Bird, I'm a Bird

Amusingly, the number 1 search term that brought people to my blog was... "The Pioneer Woman." I have no idea how people search that and wind up here instead of actually at The Pioneer Woman, but I guess I shouldn't be complaining about a case of mistaken identity. I could go on to list the time 10 searches that brought people here. But most of them are pretty self-explanatory, and are from people actually looking for this site. So instead, I'll give you the outtakes, and ask how exactly did you wind up here from that.

+"william and mary" +tree +ants
Maybe they named their tree William and their ant Mary? Or I could be wrong, and William is the ant.

56 girls trying to get pregnant to be on teen mom
56 girls specifically huh? I could understand 1 or 2, or maybe a bunch, but to have it down to the exact number must take dedication. Plus I have heard that 16 & Pregnant is actually bringing down the teen pregnancy rate. Either way though, I'll keep watching.

a girl american who did something inportant
I could maybe list girls who did something important and are American. But being inportant, well no wonder you needed help thinking of one!

car fresheners mainstays waterfall scent
What exactly does a waterfall scent smell like? I'm guessing, refreshing?

hair like funghi
Is this hair that looks like fungi, or smells like it? Either way, ewwww!

happy 25th birthday boy in italy suprise
I know I'm not 25, nor am I a boy. But just throwing this out there in case anyone wanted to know if it'd like to go to Italy as a surprise birthday present... the answer is yes!

my numbers on my keyboard are locked out
I would suggest pressing the "Num Lock" key, and that should fix things. Just some friendly advice.

what are those plants called in san diego on the freeway
No idea. Weeds if I had to guess. But either way, I hope you found your answer... although it probably wasn't listed here.

I hope you enjoyed this fun little spotlight on just who is reading along with you. Please let me know in the comments where you reading from and how you found your way here! Or maybe help a searcher out by letting them know, just what plants are on the freeway in San Diego!


  1. HAHAHA - this made me laugh - the number lock key... lol.

  2. Just stopping by from the blog hop, but this was a fun post. I might need to copy something like this for my blog!


  3. It is HILARIOUS to see what people google to get to your site.

  4. Haha! I always love seeing how people get to the blogs! Hilarious!