Tuesday, January 11, 2011

More Teen Moms

I silly as it may sound, I really can't wait for Teen Mom 2 to premier tonight! Yes, it's my guilty pleasure. I've watched every episode of 16 and Pregnant and every episode of Teen Mom. And well will probably watch every episode of Teen Mom 2. I know there's rumors of girls trying to get pregnant to be on the show, but I know there was a study down recently showing that these shows are actually helping bring down the teen pregnancy rate, so I can feel at least a little good about watching. And now since I can't wait any longer he's my thought on the girls from Teen Mom 2.

Chelsea: What I found really interesting about Chelsea is that she was living only with her dad and that, if I remember correctly, her mom had left the two of them. Her baby daddy was awful to her, one of the worst in my opinion, so I can't believe that the previews show them moving in together.

Jenelle: She's the one with the potential to be the train wreck of this season. Rumor has it that her mom has already taken custody of her son. While you can't help but feel sorry for her watching, I guess this is what makes good tv.

Kailyn: When Kailyn's mom pretty must abandoned her after getting pregnant she moved in with her boyfriend's parents. Those parents were actually what you would want if you were trying to picture the perfect parents of the boy who got you pregnant. Without those people, Kailyn would have practically had no one. What was surprising is that they didn't just take their son's side. Instead they called him and did their best to make him responsible for the baby and his girlfriend. They were definitely not the typical parent of the boyfriend on the show.

Leah: She is my all time favorite teen mom. Of course there's the fact she had twins which appeals to my obsession with multiple birth. But more than that she just seemed like a girl who had it all together. And Corey seemed like almost the perfect guy. While he had his faults compared to all the other Teen dads, Corey is the one I would choose. I actually loved Leah's episode so much I tracked her down online after her show aired. She recently took her formspring offline due to MTV's request, but I do still follow her on twitter (@LeahDawnMesser).

Overall I just can't wait for tonight and the rest of the season. Anyone else in love with Teen Mom? Do you have a favorite mom?


  1. I lovelovelove 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom too!

    I'm looking forward to Leah's story too. And anxious for the original Teen Moms to return.

    My husband can't believe I watch them...or the reunion shows or the "where are they now". He says I'm too smart for it! hahaha

    I watch too many other shows on Tuesday nights that are all on at 10pm, so I have to record the one at 11pm and then catch up. As a result, I stay off twitter! OBSESS much?! hahaha

    Yippee!! It's on tonight!

  2. My sister in law and I were watching Teen Mom the other day and I was hooked. I hope it shows girls how difficult it is and they decide to make smart choices.

  3. I love it too! I think leah will be my favorite this season too.

  4. Ok, ok... I've never watched this show, but you've got me interested. I'm turning it on. ;)

  5. I've actually seen Teen Mom a couple times, it was quite good but I don't really watch tv. I don't recognize any of the names on your list though...

  6. I saw the 16 & Pregnant episode with Leah and my jaw literally dropped. She lives about 45 mins from me and she comes through the airport multiple times. The dude that she's either dating or married to is super nice and proper.