Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Home Improvments

With the way the kitchen is laid out we have this oddly shaped area to the right of the fridge that is screaming for a baker's rack.
To the Hallway
With a goal in mind the boy and I (the fiance and I? Maybe he should get an upgrade?) decided to go out antiquing. What we discovered if that we really only like the idea of antiques, but antiques themselves... Well I'd love it is someone could find me a refinished antique. But it's hard for me to look at something and see what could be. Plus we were working in such a defined space it was hard for us to come up with something we both liked that had small enough shelves to fit.

But we had several more errands to run so after going through 10 or so different shops we were off. On our way we spotted a Bed, Bath, and Beyond and I wanted to go in to scope out possible registry locations. But once inside we realized the would be a great place to continue our search. And look what we found!
Our New "Baker's Rack"
No it isn't really a baker's rack, nor is it even meant to go in a kitchen. (Props to anyone who can figure out what this is really meant to be used as). But it fits perfectly in its assigned space, which is what we really needed.
My favorite part of the whole thing are the spices. We had previously kept then in a cupboard above the stove. Which made sense because it was in a central location, but didn't work because the fiance was the only one who could really see inside. For this reason we wound up with a bunch of duplicate spices since it was almost impossible to find things. I did make a point to keep the duplicates in the old space, so this was we can go through one bottle at a time.

Overall I definitely love the feel. It probably won't be donated down to our future children as an heirloom, but for what we wanted it fits perfectly.

Anyone else have trouble finding the perfect piece of furniture for somewhere in your home?


  1. It's an over the toilet shelf! I want a baker's rack that has a wine rack in it. It solve 2 problems.

  2. It's a toilet shelf thingy! Don't laugh but I considered those because you can stand your trash and recycling can under it if you need the floor space.

  3. I knew exactly what it was when I saw it! Haha :) It definitely serves the purpose... plus, you've got room underneath if you want to pop some baskets down there!

  4. I know what that is! It goes over a toilet! hehe. but it does work great in your kitchen. nice job! and I agree with Drew and Lace; you could definitely put more storage underneath!

  5. It looks like it's working!!! Glad you were able to find one!