Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I'm Stuffed

Every once in a while the boy decides he's going to go all out and comes up with a great idea for dinner. The past week there was one of those nights. One the menu was burgers, salad topped with bacon, pecans, and oranges, and herbed toast.
Burger, Salad, Bread
But want to know a secret? These weren't any ordinary burgers. Instead they were stuffed!
Burger stuffed with Feta and Olives
Mine were filled with feta and olives wheres he stuffed his with mozzarella and bacon. So basically a bacon cheeseburger inside out. Great idea, right?

Anyone else have their significant other surprise with a meal? Or have you been able to surprise someone with a meal either with the meal itself or within the food itself?


  1. Yum! Those burgers look/sound delicious. I made turkey burgers once that were stuffed w/ feta and they were so so good!

    I am always the one doing the cooking in relationships, in general... I think I have had a guy cook for me once!

  2. wow! that looks amazing! Love the stuffed burgers and bread.

  3. That looks awesome!

    Every once in awhile (like last night!) Eric pulls out all the stops and makes an amazing meal for me. He definitely can cook - and well - he just doesn't do it super often!

  4. How in the world did he do this? It looks incredible!

  5. DROOL! Looks like you guys eat really really well! My husband doesn't cook since I'm a reluctant stay at home housewife right now!