Friday, April 9, 2010

Flashback Friday: Sophomore Year

Check out my freshmen year of college.

I'm back with another Flashback Friday, this time bringing it back to my sophomore year of college! A big memory of this year was our success on the soccer team. My freshmen year our record was horrendous where we didn't win a single game. But this year we wound up finishing over .500. We actually had the biggest turn-around in the NCAA that year.
Here's a bunch of the soccer girls watching the men's team playing.

While our conference was one where everyone made it to the end of the season tournament, this year we actually felt like we had a chance of winning. Our coach arranged for us to go away for the weekend, which made the the game even more exciting. The plans we to leave for the game on November 1st. We had actually missed Halloween the night before due to a game, so instead the entire team showed up to the dinning hall for our last meal before leaving in costume, on the day after Halloween. (I'll be really impressed if anyone can actually find me in this picture!)
Yes, we wound up winning this game. Although we lost the following game in the conference semis. But it was the furthest the team went all four years I was playing.
Here's one more picture of the team at our end of the year sports banquet.

I posted a little about GIG last week, our big school wide field day. Its the type of day where students actually start drinking in their morning classes, and all the professors know exactly what's happening. So with all this craziness going on, there's bound to be pictures.
This is a relatively tame shot, compared to all the debauchery that can go on, on such a day.

This is me in my dorm room on my 19th birthday.
I'm posing with flowers my best friend sent my while she was studying abroad in London.

Speaking of which, I was actually able to go to London over Thanksgiving break to spend some time with her.
Here we are on my first night there, in some English pub.

Last week I wrote about how close my roommate and I become freshmen year. While we didn't live together sophomore years, we were next door neighbors, and stayed close throughout all the ups and downs of the year.
This was actually taken the very last night of freshmen year on the roof of our dorm!

I hope you're all enjoying the trip down my memory lane, but I'd love to hear some of your memories as well. What do you remember most from your sophomore year of college?



  1. I also went to London over Spring Break to visit a best friend that was studying abroad over there. So that was def the highlight of my sophomore year!

    We had something similar to GIG at my school. It was called Springfest and they'd bring in bands to this park on a Friday/Saturday. The bars would open at like 7 or 8 and have 3-for-1 deals, etc.

    These posts really make me miss college!

  2. Were in the yellow soccer jersey? I was over in London studying abroad my senior year of college!

  3. I was on the swim team my freshmand and sophmore year in college so most of my memories invovle the swim team. We suffered together and had a lot of fun together. I can say I am glad I did it for two years, and I am glad I quit and had some real college fun for two years!

  4. Very cool that you were able to go to London and visit your friend!

    GIG sounds really neat, we have nothing like that up here! Haha

  5. I want to go to London!
    P.S. My sister might have a job opportunity in BR. Which in turn means when I go to visit her I think we should have meet up, if it all goes through. =)

  6. So cute!!!! I love all these pics!!!

    If all goes well, I may be spending Christmas in London next year... how awesome would that be??