Friday, April 2, 2010

Flashback Friday: Freshmen Year

The past few weeks Amber has been reliving her 4 years of college in honor of her college graduation in a few months. While its been a few years since I graduated college, I can't help start reliving my college years while I read her posts. So I figured my own Friday Flashback of college was in order.

I was paired up pretty randomly with my college roommate. But like all those cliched stories, we really hit it off and stayed friends throughout college. I'd even say I consider her to be one of my closest even know.
As you can tell in this picture I went off to college trying to look as California as possible. I was in going to school in Maryland and wanted to be sure everyone knew I was from California. So there I was with blond hair, trying to be as tanned as possible.

I don't have a lot of pictures from my freshmen year, mainly because that was back in the pre-digital area. But I do have a few to memories to share. First there was the Nick Carter concert that we went to.

Freshmen year also recorded one of the biggest snowfalls Baltimore had seen.
At least it was one of the biggest snowfalls until this past winter.

One big event through my all four of my college years was GIG. It;s pretty much like a college field day. Classes are canceled around 12, and the rest of the day is one big party.
This is me very unsuccessfully riding a mechanical bull at GIG freshmen year.

The other huge part of my college life was being a member of the soccer team.
While we might not have had the most successful year, we still had a lot of fun.
This is me and some of my teammates dressed up for blind date ball. This was another fun school tradition, where you could sign up for a blind date to go to as your date. Being that the school only went co-ed in the 1980s, there's still a relatively high female population. So every year they try to bus in guys from the Naval Academy to use as dates. Although we had a game that morning, so we weren't sure whether we would be going to the dance that night. Which meant none of us actually signed up for a blind date.
And one last picutre of some of the girls on the soccer team.

Because I'm sure you're curious, and I had almost forgotten what it looked like, I'm glad I do have a picture to share of my dorm room.
We actually lucked out and had one of the biggest doubles on campus. But only because originally we were put into a single, and one of the smaller singles. Our original room barely had enough room for two desks, two dressers, and a bunk bed. But luckily a few days into freshmen year they were able to move us into an actual double to share.

I do have one final picture taken of my roommate and I on our very last day of freshmen year.
I'm no longer blond here, and you could barely say I'm tan.

It's actually been a lot of fun going through pictures for this, and I'm just as excited to share my sophomore year of college. But first what was your freshmen year like? I'd love to see your pictures and here your stories!



  1. So glad you're playing along!! And you have a lot of great photos considering it was pre-digital age!!

  2. Love this! I don't have a scanner to deal with my pre-digital pictures though!