Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Thunder Rolls

The weathermen had predicted that we were going to have some crazy weather this weekend. To the point that a few events that were supposed to happen on Saturday were canceled or rescheduled. But you know how it is with weather, you never know what's going to happen.

Well this time they were right. Friday night (or really early Saturday morning) the thunder and lightning were so loud that it woke me up. And I do mean the thunder AND lightening were loud. Yes, the thunder was defining, but the lightning was close enough that you could seriously hear its electric sizzle. I definitely don't' ever remember thunder and lightening this loud back in California!

I tried to sleep through it, until the lightening literally must have struck in our backyard. The entire bedroom lit up in this blue-ish tone, and the house seemed to actually shake. I jumped out of bed it was so ridiculously loud. I probably would have stayed up, except after checking my phone it was only 5:30, so I went back in bed hoping to fall back asleep.

I did actually manage a few more hours, until the crazy weather woke me up yet again. This time it was at least 8:30. Not a crazy hour, but still far before the 10am start I normally get on a Saturday. I figured at this point after the rain had already woke me up twice, I didn't want to try for a third time.

It poured throughout most of the day, and even when there wasn't actual rain coming down it was still dark and cloudy outside. And today?

Well, we have a complete 180. It's nice and bright and sunny outside. To the point that I'm now heading out there to get a few tanning hours in before the weather decides to turn once again!



  1. oh, I hate thunder and lightning! I am such a scaredy cat but it really does put me on edge! that's why I'm glad we hardly ever have storms like that in California! but glad the weather has gotten a little better for you today... so funny that it can be pouring rain and then warm enough to go tan! :) hope you have a fabulous Sunday!

  2. Enjoy the sun! I can't wait for summer weather. I can't complain about the gorgeous spring we've had, but I am so ready for stronger sun beams. I am frighteningly white right now...

    I usually love thunder & lightning, but I don't love it when it's so close like you described. We had a storm like that last fall & I was actually a little bit scared!

  3. Ohh I love thunderstorms! I'm so jealous that it's warm enough for you to tan outside! I wish that weather would head to Wisconsin!

  4. That sounds TERRIFYING! I hate lightening!

  5. hi there!
    thanks for stopping by my blog! i liked reading thru your college stories... fun times!

  6. I love sleeping in weather like this but I don't like it when it gets so close to the house when it comes to lightning. Stay dry!

  7. It's funny, reading this made me want to check out the weather, and apparently we're going to get a big thunderstorm tonight!! I kind of like thunderstorms. They wake me up, but then they help me sleep really well!