Sunday, April 4, 2010

It's All Greek to Me

Clash of the Titans
Seeing this movie shortly after both reading and watching the movie of Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief, I feel like I've been hearing a lot about of Greek Mythology lately. Based on the order I saw it all, I want to say Clash of the Titans reminded me of Percy Jackson. But really it should be the opposite.

Clash of the Titans tells the story of Perseus, a demi-god who saves the humans from the wrath of the god's. On his journey he deals with gigantic scorpions, ventures to the underworld, and duels with Medusa. Fairly standard Greek mythology. And from what I hear fairly similar to the original Clash of the Titans. Although I've never seen the original so I can't quite compare. But according to the boy, there were all sorts of hidden easter eggs, where the original was somehow referenced.

We decided to see the movie in 2-D. We hadn't heard a lot of good about the 3-D for this movie. Mainly due to the fact that the movie wasn't meant to be seen in 3-D. Instead they just tacked some 3-D effects onto it at the end in order to make some more money. Supposedly they didn't add enough for the extra cost to be really worth it.

Even knowing that we saw the movie in 2-D, I wasn't that impressed with it. The movie wasn't bad, and I did enjoy parts of it. But I think for something that was billed as almost a blockbuster I was expecting a little more.


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  1. We saw this this weekend too - in 3D though. It was OK, not great. Eric liked it!

    I have a bad taste in my mouth about it since it was the movie we were at when my blackberry got stolen! Haha