Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Some Beach, Somewhere

I'm back with another week of Classy in Philadelphia's Where in the World Wednesday. I'm keeping with the beach theme I started last week, and this week I'm at...

Huntington Beach, California.

In general Huntington was where you went if you were looking to get some sort of actual waves. See, there are no waves at Long Beach due to the breakwater that was built to keep waves out of the port. Which means Long Beach really isn't a good beach if you looking for something to actually be beach-y. Luckily, Huntington is just down the road so you're able to have an actual beach experience without a lot of driving. (Unlike where I am in Louisiana now, where a beach experience would require quite a bit of driving.)

As for this picture, it was taken in summer 2004, just after my sophomore year of college.

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  1. That looks so lovely! One of my favorite things about Virgina, or at least where I live in VA, is that you're less than two hours from the beach, the mountains, and the lakes. How far is it from Baton Rouge to the coast?

  2. Pretty! I love the beach but definitely don't see it enough... You know you can drive 3 hours to MS and be at a beach? It's not a "nice" beach but it's pleasant and a good day-cation if you want to get away on a saturday or sunday!

  3. This picture really makes me want to get to the beach ASAP!

  4. Aaaaah the beach... I wish I could teleport!