Friday, April 23, 2010

Flashback Friday - Senoir Year

Check out my freshmen year of college.
Check out my sophomore year of college.
Check out my junior year of college.

The past few weeks I've been flashing back over my years at college. As you can tell from the links above, we're officially at my senior year. I had my digital camera this year so there's no shortage of photos to choose from.
Group Shot
I turned 21 my senior year, which meant most weekends were spent out at the bar. I never had a fake ID, so this was really the first time I was hitting up the bar scenes. Some of our favorite were on Thursday nights when ladies night was at one bar and dollar bottles was across the street.
Group Shot
Again I played on the soccer team for what as probably last season of my life.
GWS 2005
This was taken on our Senior day. You can tell by the "We Love our Seniors" poster in the background. And the following picture was the team at our spring athletic banquet.
GWS Fall 2006
This year I went on my first ever (and last ever) spring break trip to the Florida Keys.
2006-03-27 - Spring Break 021
And as you've heard about in my previous flashbacks there were the college traditions such as Gala...
2006-04-02 - Gala 006
and GIG. This year in honor of the fact that we were all graduating we had our so-called future profession printed on the back. There was a bit of a fail taking this picture so you could actually read the back. But I'm the mathemagician on the left.
Our Future Professions
And as you'd expect with senior year there was graduation. (I'm in 0 in the '06.)
Looking through these old pictures has been a lot of fun for me, and I'm hoping fun for you as well. It's hard to believe this May it will have been 4 years since graduation, which means I've officially been out of college for just as long as I was in college. It's a little crazy considering it just feels like yesterday. Anyone else feel like life just flies by after graduation?



  1. I feel like college FLEW BY so I'm sure life after it will too! I really enjoyed these flashbacks!!

  2. I also did not ever have a fake id in college! I think i was the only girl in my group of friends that didn't!

    Senior year was one of my favorite years of college. Especially the spring semester when I just let go of stressing about grades & my future and just enjoyed myself. I went on a spring break trip to Chicago to see my brother which was a blast.

    In May, I will have been out of college for 7 years.... It is really hard to wrap my head around that. It does not feel like I have been out of college for that long. I do not feel like I am 29!

    These flashback posts were fun!

  3. yes, time does fly by! this month I have been out of college for THREE years! and it seems like forever sometimes and then other times it feels like just yesterday! so crazy. thanks for sharing these pics! brought back memories for me, too. and I love that one of you guys at graduation... so cute that you each had a letter (or number) on your hat to spell that out!

  4. Awww! This is making me all nostalgic!

    And it's making me want to go back to Florida!!