Monday, April 12, 2010

The Unofficial End of Winter

This past weekend was my first time laying out in the new backyard. This was made possible by the fact that while my parents were here, they gifted me with my very own lounge chair. Which means we now officially have lawn furniture. So both on Saturday and Sunday I headed out to the backyard with the necessities to catch skin cancer the natural way.
All Ready to Lay Out

The necessities being 3 magazines, 1 book, 1 cellphone, 1 ipod, 1 Vanilla Coke, and 1 box of Cheez-it. What? Are those not quite what you consider necessities? Please ignore the dead plants in the background. They have noting to do with my poor gardening ability, instead the cold winter killed them.

Speaking of a cold winter, this has really been the first weekend where it's been warm enough to lay out and tan in the backyard. And there were even a few times where the clouds would cover the sun, and it started to feel a little chilly.
First time laying out
Compared to this post last year, when I had already laid out by February 7! Over a 2 months difference!

But warm weather is finally here, and even if it's a little late, I will definitely be taking advantage of it! Anyone else experiencing bathing suit weather yet? Or is it still not quite warm enough where you are?



  1. It's warm and sunny here but NOT bathing suit weather. That should be here by mid-May! I hope!

  2. We had one day that I would've had laid out on (I was stuck at work! YUCK!). But I agree those are definitely the necessities for laying out! Keeping my fingers crossed that the weather stays nice by you and gets nicer by me:)

  3. I can't wait to be able to do the same!! Over Easter week-end, the waether actually went up to 29 degrees C (which is DEFINITELY summer weather) but I spent the day driving to Montreal :(

    It's a bit cool now but it's definitely getting there ;)