Monday, April 5, 2010

Parental Scheduled Visit

This past week my parents were out in Louisiana visiting. Part of the reason they came out, besides the fact that they wanted to see me, was to drive some furniture and boxes to the new house. This helps me out by furnishing the new house, and it helps them out by started to clear out the 2 decades worth of belongings I still have in California. Its kind of exciting some of the new changes around the house due to their visit, and I can't wait to share it all!

While they could have driven out almost any time, the reason they decided to come out last week was because it was Passover. So while my parents were here, we had the first ever Passover in the new house.
First Seder in the New House
Seder Plate from our Seder
You might have noticed that even though they were here, my entries last week didn't really talk about the fact. The reason being most of the post were actually written the Sunday before they arrived, and scheduled to post throughout the week.

Honestly by having all my posts already written, made things a little less stressful for me. Lately I've been feeling a little stressed trying to blog, and keep up with all the blogs I want to be reading, and of course managing my Farmville farm. But knowing I had a post ready to go most days last week, and that I didn't have to write right when I came home from work was kind of nice.

Based on how successful my schedule posts went last week, I'm thinking I might try it more often. I can't imagine it will happen every week, and it probably won't be every post, but I think it will be a nice change for me.

Anyone else schedule their posts? Or do you always write a post and immediately publish it. And what ideas do you have for staying less stressed while blogging?

And I hope everyone had a happy holiday last week, whether it was Easter or Passover or just April Fools Day.



  1. First, love your seder plate! Wish I could find one half as cool!

    Second, I tried publishing and will probably used it more on my recipe blog but for my original blog I just put together posts as I go...It's just how I've always written that blog.

  2. I schedule a lot of my posts & I also have a few draft posts that I just save and use when I don't have anything interesting to say/don't have time to blog.

  3. hey, just found your blog from sweet tea diaries. very cute! as for scheduling posts, I think it is great. It def takes the "stress" out of posting every day and helps me not forget what I was meaning to post in a few days.

  4. I usually try to write 3-4 posts on Sunday so I don't have to write something after work when I'm tired. It seems to work out better for me.

  5. I was thinking of you this week and was wondering how your Passover celebration was. So great that your parents were there to celebrate with you!!

    Pretty much all of my posts are scheduled. i rarely write & then push publish... I usually write a couple ahead of time. It helps me stay on top of blogging. Esp when I was working crazy hours at my last job. I would write most of the posts on Sunday. It was nice to have it done so I didn't have to write them when I got home at the end of the day & was mentally exhausted!

  6. So weird, I was telling EXACTLY this to my friend just a few minutes (about how blogging kind of got stressful...). I think sometimes you have to take a bit of a break and not feel bad! I should probably take my own advice lol ;)