Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Professor Plum in the Library with the Rope

You can officially say that about our house now. Not that there's some type of murder mystery here. Nor because we know a Professor Plum, (but the boy is working on his Phd, so I guess you could call him a professor). But we do have rope, and we now officially have a library.
In the Office/Library
This is the view when you first enter the room. The wall unit was in my bedroom growing up. When my parents drove out here a few weeks ago, the wall unit was on piece of furniture that came with them. And what's that you see in the upper left corner?
American Girl Collection
Why yes, that is my American Girl collection from yester-year. There's a few items that haven't made their way from California, but these are all of my actual dolls.

Moving clockwise throughout the room, here's the end of the wall unit.
Corner of the Room
There's an almost empty bulletin board, and underneath are a few children's book and stuffed animals to hopefully distract the boy's niece from the AG dolls high above.

To the left is a window, closest, and another bookshelf.
Window & Closet
We're thinking that at some point we might want to add a desk in front of the window. Are you curious about the blue square in the bottom right? It's actually a chair that folds out into a single bed.
The Door In
Which brings us back to the door into the room.

Even though there are a ton of shelves in here, its crazy how easily we filled them. I tried to leave a little bit of room to add books, but it's a good thing that's a few places with doors, because you have no idea how many books are hiding in there!
Chair and Bookshelves
I did try to keep a least keep the books somewhat organized. The books on the left are the boy's fantasy books, and the right are my chick lit type books. You can practically tell just by the colors of the sections. The bottom shelves are mainly textbooks, and the boy really wants to turn the empty wall into a chalkboard that he can use to do math problems.

Overall, it's not perfect, nor is it completely finished, but I really like the way it turned out. It's nice to finally have a place to put all of our books, and I can officially say that I live in a house with a library. (Yes, you could call it an office, but I'd much prefer library!)

Anyone else have a library in your house? Or how do you store the books that you own?



  1. I love that you have a room with basically only books in it. Did I spy a Care Bear? I use to collect those as a kid and I'm totally keeping them lol

  2. I dream of someday having a library. For now I just have bookshelves dispursed through my tiny 1 bdrm condo.

    Can I just say that I love that your boyfriend wants to turn a wall into a chalk board to do math problems? That is AWESOME!!

  3. I want a library... I've always wanted one of those floor to ceiling libraries with a ladder for the super high shelves!

    I love the boys ideas for a chalkboard wall! You should do it!

  4. I have always wanted a library in my house. One room in my house WILL be dedicated to books with floor to ceiling shelves filled with books. I also picture a ladder that rolls on the shelves as well... hahaha! :)