Monday, August 31, 2009

Beetlejuice Books to Read in Capers

I think we all love those posts filled with the random things people googled in order to get to your blog. I least I do, so I felt it was time for me to post my own version.

Of course there are a few standard searches people use to get to my site. Do you want to know about Marriage Meatloaf? Or perhaps you'd like Suzanne Tracht's recipe from Top Chef Masters? Unfortunately I don't have the actual recipe posted, but I will tell you that the recipe's in A Twist of the Wrist. But the number 1 search that leads people to From L.A. to LA? Jon & Kate Plus 8 of course.

Now for the fun ones!

"where can i buy a cupcake air freshener for my car"
Sorry to tell you, they don't actually make it. However you can achieve the same thing by leaving a bag of trash in the car that contains melted peeps. Its almost September, and his car still smells like it. Clearly, its a pretty effective method.

"beetlejuice books to read in capers"
The first part makes sense. But how exactly do you read something in capers? Are you covered in capers when you read it maybe?

"can you make coconut air freshener out of coconut flakes"
Again with the air freshener questions

"early trip checked into hotel"

"groom test on wedding day"
Will you say I do? Sounds like a good groom test to me!

"i love cops air freshener"
Is this supposed to make cops less likely to give you a ticket?

"surf n fries"
In case you get hungry in the middle of surfing

"live long and prosper sign what if you can do one hand but not the other"
Practice, Practice, Practice

Bless you

Anyone one have a favorite of these?



  1. I love reading your blog! Your sense of humor is marvelous. I think we would be swell friends in real life. :o)
    How in the world did you come up with all of those results? And is there a slight obsession with air fresheners on Google? =)

  2. Ha Ha! My favorite search is the cupcake car freshner. I love that story. Every time I put a bag of trash in my car to take it to a dumpster, I think of you're story. I wish my trash smelled good. :)