Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The First Date

Part 1:We Meet in Math Class
Part 2: We Get to Know Each Other

When we last left on this relationship story, I had just said no to the boy's first request for a date. No, I wasn't intentionally playing hard to get. I was actually supposed to be flying out of state to visit a friend that weekend. Except that when they were loading the plane the broke it, so the flight was canceled and since I was only supposed to be gone for a weekend my trip was canceled as well. So I technically wound up being free the night we could have gone on our first date.

Except that I didn't have his phone number, so I had no way of calling him to say, "Change of plans, I'm now free this Saturday. Let's go on a date." I was disappointed with how the weekend turned out, and if I had his phone number I probably would have called. Except looking back its probably a good thing I didn't. I might not have intentionally played hard to get when he asked me out, but maybe it could work for me.

I did see him at class the following Tuesday, and we did make plans to go on an actual date the following Saturday, which was September 22, 2006. Almost 3 years ago. I was a little stressed about what to wear. It had been hot the past few weeks, but it was just starting to cool down. I had planned on wearing one of my summer dresses, but didn't want to be too cold so I decided on a more fall type outfit.

Its probably a good thing that was my decision because the night he came to pick me up it was pouring rain. Since I had just straitened my hair and didn't want to ruin it, I invited him inside to talk hoping the rain would stop. I don't believe it actually stopped, but it did let up, so we decided to head out.

He said we should use my car since it was raining, which didn't make sense to me at the time. (Now of I course I understand that since he car didn't have air conditioning, he would roll down the windows to keep cool. But you can't quite roll down the windows when its raining.) We walked out to my car and I tried to open the door for him. Yeah, being Southern he really wasn't going to let me do that for him.(Of course this means he still opens car doors for me know.)

He had me drive to Alabasha's a Greek/Lebanese/Israeli place. (I guess it would have been easier to say Mediterranean right?) He suggested that we start by ordering the fried cheese plate.
Fried Cheese
No, these pictures aren't from our first date. It turns out Albasha's has become one of our favorite restaurants to go to. We actually went last night to celebrate the fact that he found out yesterday he passed his PhD qualifying exam. We're kind of creatures of habit, and wind up ordering almost the exact same thing every time we're there. And yes, the boy had already eaten a piece of cheese. Also for some reason, they forgot to put olives on this plate as well. But it was still amazing last night, as it was on our first date.

For our main courses I ordered the lamb shank plate
Lamb Shank Plate
and he had the chicken shawarma plate
Chicken Shawarma Plate
These both normally come with a salad, but we've both started replacing them (him since he doesn't like salad in general, me because I'm not a big fan of the dressing). The boy normally gets extra rice, and I'll normally substitute for an order of stuffed grape leaves. Our first date we were not so in the know, and both had salad with our meal.

For dessert I ordered a piece of baklava. I was expecting him to split this with me, but as I learned that not he's not a big fan of sweets and thus not of desserts. More for me I guess! (Alas, I have no picture of Albasha's baklava because the boy had to go to a meeting after dinner last night and I didn't have time to order it.)

After dinner we got back in my car, not really sure what to do. Since Albasha's was right next to the movies we decided to go to one. He let me pick and I decided we should go see The Illusionist,
which wound up being a really good choice on my part. If you've never seen it, I do recommend it. Its a bit has a bit of a romance, and also a bit of a mystery which meant both of us were able to enjoy it. Its also the type of movie that you pick up more each time you watch, which means we've been able to watch the movie together several times since our first date.

After the movie was over I drove us back to my apartment. If I remember correctly, I was planning on dropping him off at his car. But he had me park and walked me back to my apartment. Pretty good first date, don't ya think? Although honestly, at the time, I'm pretty sure I'd never would have guess what this date would wind up developing into.

And yes, there's of course more from our relationship story. That is of course if anyone wants to hear it. It isn't like we officially become "a couple" after one date, right?



  1. Mmm Alabasha's... That is one of my favorite Greek/Lebanese places around here. Your pictures just made me super hungry :-(

  2. Aww, sounds like a great first date!

    I definitely want to hear the rest of the story!!

  3. These are fun to read! I love hearing the story of how couples met/started dating.

    That restaurant looks awesome!

    Congrats to your bf for passing that test!! Impressive!

  4. It's about time we found out about that first date!!!!! Glad he passed his phd stuff!!

  5. sounds like a great first date! I never really go to restaurants like that, but your boy's chicken dish looks scrumptious! oh, and I have seen the Illusionist and it is really good... and a great date movie too!

    so fun hearing your relationship story. but I have a question... did you first date end with a kiss??? you left that part out!! :)