Monday, August 24, 2009

Inglourious Grad

or if you prefer Post Basterds. Not too sure which one I like better. Although Post Basterds probably captures my feelings about this weekend's crop of movies better.

Inglourious Basterds
I'm not a huge Quentin Tarantino fan, and so I probably wasn't the movies intended audience. I'm pretty sure I was 1 of only 5 females in the theater. This isn't to see there aren't girl who do like him. I have one friend who's a big fan. But I'm most definitely not one of them. I think in general its because I'm not a big fan of seeing blood and guts all over the screen. And just look at the poster. If there's that much gore on the poster, you have a pretty good idea how much is in the movie.

In case you haven't seen the previews the movie is about a team of American soldiers headed by Brad Pitt who go off to Europe to kill Nazis and collect their scalps. (Yeah, there are several scalping scenes in the movie. Yuck.) I will admit Brad Pitt is awesomely funny, and one of the high points of the movies.

A second subplot that isn't really mentioned in the previews is that of a young Jewish women. She was in hiding with her family, and she escaped while her family was murdered. So of course being the type of movie this is, she also wants Nazis dead. But the best part of the movie, at least for me, was her name, which is my name! Granted she spells is Shosanna. But since the name is a Hebrew transliteration, its still the same name.

If I'm being honest, I would probably be willing to watch this movie just to hear them say my name over and over. I'm pretty sure this is the first time I've ever heard my name in a film. And also since my name can be difficult to pronounce, I seems like most people find a way to avoid saying my name, so I don't hear it very often. Really though, I would never want to see this movie againg. But because of Shosanna I'd be willing to suffer through it again for the boy (who of course loved it).

Post Grad
I was really looking forward to this movie, and maybe that's why I was so let down when it wasn't what I expected. The previews make this movie out to be this great coming of age story that speaks to our generation. Something along the lines of Garden State, where everyone is trying to find itself. Others said this could be what happens to Rory Gilmore after she graduates from Yale. (Its been a while since I've seen a Gilmore Girls episode in a while, but do think she went to Yale. Sorry in advance if that's wrong.)

Unfortunately, the movie wasn't really any of those things. There were a feel scenes that felt very "quarter-life-crisis-ish." But if you've seen the previews then you've seen those scenes. The rest of the movie focused on Ryden's (Alexis Bladel) weird family, and didn't seem to fit with the post graduation type theme.

There were a few cute moments. The first Youtube-esque scene to start the movie being the main one. But overall, I was really unimpressed. I'd definitely say wait to rent this movie, or better yet watch it when the show it one TV.

Overall, a pretty disappointing movie weekend, at least for me. (The Boy at least got to enjoy his movie.) Hopefully, next weekend will be better. Although with Halloween 2 and The Final Destination opening I'm not to sure about that.



  1. I have to say, I'm looking forward to seeing Inglorious Bastards! I was also surprised when I found an article the other day talking about the actress who plays Shosanna. I personally love your name and have planned on using it for kids (Jewish or not) for several years now.

    Thanks for the warning about PostGrad. That sucks that it was such a let down! I'm disappointed now. I guess 500 Days of Summer will be my next girly movie.

    I find it hilarious that there are so many similarities between our lives! I was telling J's Uncle about your blog and how much I enjoy getting to know other bloggers and he pointed out that with our relationships we are kind of mirror images. Now that you point out other similarities...Well, he was spot on! Haha!

    Funny how these things work. :-)

  2. I'm so sad to say, I haven't been to a movie since March. I want to go SO bad. I love reading your reviews. When I have time to see a movie, I'll know which movies to see and which movies to avoid. Thanks!

  3. bummer that rory let you down! I went to see 500 days of summer last night. Good chic flick, cute, a bit different than the average bc they bounce around the 500 days he knew summer and how things went. Next on my list is ugly truth and Julie and Julia...can't wait!

  4. I watched Post Grad and the entire time all I could do was picture her in Gilmore Girls and for that reason I couldn't get into the movie.

  5. I love reading your movie reviews. I think I'm going to skip these two because I wasn't that interested in them in the first place.

    I have to admit that I'm kind of excited for Halloween 2! I will definitely pass on Final Destination.

  6. Oh no, I was really looking forward to Post Grad! That sucks it was kind of a cop-out!

    I was a big fan of Kill Bill so maybe I would enjoy Inglourious Bastards. The previews look kind of stupid though.