Thursday, August 13, 2009

Getting to Know You

Part 1: We Meet in Math Class

When I last talked about mine and the boy's relationship story, I told you how he made a point to talk to me after class. And I made a quick replay and pretty much ran away. Lucky for me the boy tried again our next class. Again, I tried to respond quickly and run away, but before I could he asked, "Where are you off too." I tired to pretty much make something up, "I have to go check my department mail box on the 3rd floor,"

"I'll walk with you. And what are you doing after?"

"Well nothing really, I have about two hours until my next class." So we spent the rest of the day together. The following week again he came up to me after class, and this time I didn't try to run away. I stopped scared of trying something new.

Its funny looking back on this time, when we really didn't know each other. Certain conversations still feel like they happened yesterday, and yet so much has happened since then. But its the little things that stick out.

I remember telling him how I couldn't fly on a plane without a cosmo. He thought I meant the drink. I was talking about the magazine.

I remember him making a sarcastic comment about his other girlfriend. I fired back, "That's cool, I have a husband and two kids at home," and we both laughed about our jokes.

I know when I first meet someone I can be quiet, and I don't ask a lot of questions. But he put up with that, and really made a point to get to know me, push past the wall I was putting up trying to hold everyone out.

After a few weeks of just hanging out and talking between classes, he finally asked me out on an official date. Of course you're all thinking I must have said yes. But where the fun in that? Sorry to disappoint everyone, but I said no.

And I guess that's where we'll leave the cliffhanger this time.



  1. Haha! Nice cliffhanger! You got me!
    Such a cute story!

  2. LOL - you're so funny! I love these little cliffhangers you keep leaving!!

    That is a SUPER cute story of the way you met, I bet it took a lot of courage for the boy to come up to you like that!!

  3. good thing your boy was persistent, huh? you are one tough cookie, it sounds like!

    and darn you with the cliffhangers! :) I want to know the rest of the story!!

  4. Playing hard to get, tsk tsk! Thanks for stopping by my blog! So is the persistence a good thing or bad thing, hmmm?