Sunday, August 9, 2009

What A Weekend

We so often do the same thing (or the same variation of the same thing) every weekend, that even a small change can be quite exciting. (Don't get me wrong, I love a normal average weekend, but changing things up a bit is a nice change of pace.)

On Friday night one of my good friends from high school was in town (Yes, my high school in California). She's going to be starting law school in New Orleans and is starting to move into her apartment. But she was up in Baton Rouge for the day so we met up for dinner.

We went to The Chimes which is an LSU mainstay. It's just off-campus and normally crowed with students. (A few years ago they did open a 2nd location on the other side of town.) Amazingly we got a table without a wait, almost unheard of for a Friday night, although we were eating early. We wound up splitting a plate of fries, I had a hamburger, and she had a boca burger. I'm really happy she's going to be living here, and I'm looking forward to having a some good weekends down in New Orleans with her soon.

After dinner I met up with the boy for a movie. Want to know what we saw? Well, I'll leave you in suspense for now. But I'm willing to take your guesses!

Saturday night one of the boy's high school friends was in town. (The boy went to high school in Baton Rouge, so that's a little less out of the ordinary.) We met up with him, and one more of the boy's friends for dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings. This is the restaurant we always go to when we meet the boy's friends. They like it because we can play trivia while we're hanging out. But the food? I'm not a big fan of it. I wound up getting a chicken caesar wrap, which wasn't very good. The boy and I also split an appetizer of mozzarella sticks, which were A LOT better than the wrap I had.

After dinner we all went to play pool. Well the boys played pool, and I sat around watching. I don't really enjoy playing, and I'm not very good. That's probably the main reason I don't love playing. Although the boy has done his best to teach me and I am doing better.

At the pool hall I did take my one picture of the weekend. (Yes, I know a bit of a blog fail.)
Midori Sour
It's the Midori Sour I ordered. Its one of the four drinks I always wind up ordering when I go out.

Overall, I'd say the change of pace made for a great time. And what's on for the rest of the day? I'm thinking of making dinner? Maybe a movie? I'll let you know! Hope everyone else is having (or had) a great weekend as well!


  1. Boys and Buffalo Wild Wings! Haha, they love it. That is exciting your friend will be living closer to you now. Sounds like a good weekend!

  2. I love going and hanging out at buffalo wild wings. That's usually a great place to have fun!

  3. sounds like a fun weekend! that's so great that one of you good friends is going to be close by now! you should have joined the pool game though! I love playing pool!! haha. but I guess it is no fun when you don't win... anyhoo, your drink looks good. I don't think I have had a Midori Sour before, but maybe next time I go out I'll try one. I am usually a vodka cran or a cosmo kinda gal. or a wino! :)

  4. We tried to go to Buffalo Wild Wings last night to watch the fights but it we got there too late. :( Love that place! Had to settle with Champps...
    I'm curious what movie you saw! I love your movie reviews every Sunday! Did you see Julie and Julia?

  5. I agree - any change of pace is a good one for us!!

  6. I love the boca burger at the Chimes... Seriously, one of the only places I will eat one I don't make.

    It's always good to change it up a bit. Of course, the same ol' same ol' has its appeal too.

  7. Fun weekend! I've been to The Chimes. Have you tried the alligator? Pretty good!

    I'm glad your friend is moving close by. Y'all will have fun.

  8. Yummm! That drink looks delish! I love those. Hope you have a great week!

  9. My guess is that you saw Julie & Julia?

    I wish I didn't like BWW... I could eat my weight in wings there... So I have to avoid going there!