Thursday, August 27, 2009

The New Vampire Hunters

Remember when I posted about how the Backstreet Boys have a new album coming out? Well they've just released the video for their new single.
(I'm not sure how long this youtube video will be up for. If it gets taken down you can still watch it at US Weekly)

I'm not really sure what the song has to do with vampires. Unless you're sticking a stake straight through a vampire's heart? But its not like the Backstreet Boys are known for making music videos that make sense. I'm still not sure what their song Everybody had to do with vampires, mummies, and werewolves either. But vampires are really big right now, due mainly to True Blood and Twilight, so maybe they're trying to get into that audience.

Either way, the more I listen to the song the more I like it. And its still a fun (and a little nonsensical) video to watch. What do you guys all think of the video?