Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Twenty Thirteen Rewind

It's a little ridiculous how much I enjoy reading yearly recap posts. There's just something about seeing a relatively long amount of time in such a succinct post. And while in reality a year isn't that long, so many things can change in 12 short months. So before we kick off a new year, here's a look back at my last 12 months.

I kicked up the year by starting my 101 in 1001 list and my Project 365, one of which is complete as of today and the other which still has a long way to go.
I had a blogger meet-up with Melissa of Little Miss Married.

My BFF was in town for a wedding, and we were able to spend the day together in New Orleans.
In NOLA with My BFF
The boy and I celebrated Valentine's Day by heading out for sushi.
Valentine's Sushi

I opened up my blog for sponsorship.
Google reader shutdown and I started using Feedly instead of Bloglovin.

I hosted a Passover sedar in our home for the first time without my parents.
Passover Table
I gave my blog a make-over.

I read The Ward which was written by my college roommate.
My New Cannon Rebel
The boy bought me a Cannon Rebel, my first ever DSLR camera.

The new Backstreet Boys album was released.
In a World Like This

We spent 4th of July at the beach in Destin, Florida, where it rained almost every single day.
Last Day at the Beach

We celebrated our niece's 6th birthday.

I spend most of our first anniversary weekend in Houston at a Backstreet Boys concert.
Acoustic Set
But still made it home in time for dinner with my husband on our first anniversary.
1st Anniversary

I celebrated my 29th birthday.
Google Birthday

We attended our nephew's 4th birthday party.
We hosted Thanksgivikkah at our home.
Thanksgiving Plate

I celebrated my 5 year blogoversary with a giveaway, which you still have time to enter.
My Christmas necklace!
We spent Christmas with my in-laws. (This is the necklace the boy gifted me, as well as the Frozen soundtrack which you can see in the background.)

What were some of your high in 2013?

And if you want to see how this year compares to years past for me, here are my recaps from 2009, 2010, and 2012


  1. That neckname from the Boy is gorgeous! He did good! :)

    I like reading people's recaps as well! It's always cool to see how much people did over the course of a year. Some of my highs from 2013 were passing the CFA, going to Paris, and visiting friends!

  2. What a busy, busy year! Have a wonderful 2014!!

  3. We bought ourselves a DSLR last year for Chanukah/Christmas and it was seriously the best present ever!!! And I think my highlight for 2013 was buying our house. Yay!!!

    1. Yes, I think any time you buy a house it's hard to have anything top that!

  4. What a year! I became a Feedly girl too, although I neglect it shamefully :) Happy new year!

  5. It looks like you had a great 2013. I can't wait to see what 2014 brings you. I started using feedly when it switched because I had heard about it from you and I love it!